Elven 00122 | Oathbreaker

5 thoughts on “Elven 00122 | Oathbreaker

  1. Does this mean that Tarin is going to make good on her allusion when she took over the room? Wouldn’t that make Cyprien less ambiguous? What are elf laws on age appropriate dating?

    1. Well Cyprien is 20 in the cast page and Tarin is 18 and not living with her parents even though she is in high school. So while it would be frowned upon, I don’t think Cyprien would have anything to worry about if he is low key about it and not doing stupid things like meeting Tarin at her school.

      Also, I’m wondering if we are going to see Cyprien change classes to a Dark Knight or something.

      1. Nah, full on Barbarian man. He’s already sad that he doesn’t have the “build” for his current chosen class, making it worse would provide for more jokes than making it better.

  2. Wait: i always thought, Elven webcomic is western (because of the style). But now see, that they are eating asien style. Where does it come from now?

    1. That’s just Tarin being her usual unorthodox self. Unless of course it’s a set-up for something. One can but hope. ^^

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