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  1. … Lawful Evil is still evil.

    1. Lawful Eveil is still Lawful 😉

      1. Lawful Good wrote the book; Lawful Evil wrote the appendices (Lawful Neutral did the spellcheck).

        1. This line has kept me laughing. Love it!

        2. Chaotic Good wrote the conscientious objection letter; Chaotic Evil led the riot; Chaotic Neutral didn’t care (but… may have participated in the riot).
          Neutral Evil incited the riot (but wasn’t present); True Neutral locked the doors & waited; Neutral Good picked up the pieces afterward.

          [No, this does not have anything to do with the events of 6 Jan.]

  2. Have Tarin steal the gold from the Templars (plus enough extra to make it worth her while–50,00 or 60,000 Gp total), and pay them off with that.

  3. I assume being a Templar merely requires being Lawful; if being Lawful Good is the requirement, then anyone expressing the willingness to take bribes should immediately get kicked out because Lawful Neutral is the best they got.

    1. A depressingly high number of groups and institutions have leaders who don’t follow the rules they force upon their followers. 🙁

      Before you join ANYTHING do some research!

  4. So its an “Indulgence”. Which is a real thing where you just give a bag of cash to the Church and they officially absolve you of all your sins. Yes, it is just as stupid as it sounds.

    1. “It is an indulgence”, not “its an indulgence”.

      They still exist. “Company agrees to pay government for bribery charges.”

      If the rules had said “when in a bar, drunk, and confused, you may start a brawl”, then it would have improved his alignment.

    2. That should read “which was a real thing”. Despite the remarkably architecture those things helped build, they were controversial within even the church of Rome at the time and have been disavowed since.
      There’s a debatable argument that they were never officially approved, but I’d say that’s stretching it.

  5. Eh, CLEARLY the Templars are NOT a religious order… merely a knightly order. More like Cavaliers rather than Paladins. To NOTE.. I STRONGLY disapprove of the “Indulgences” for ‘sins’… BUT consider this… what exactly has Fairhelm done? He’s involved in drunken disorderly conduct, public intoxication {unbefitting the image of the order}, possible some criminal vandalism and assault and battery of those he fought with. He has not seemingly killed anyone nor did the official mention any criminal charges being pressed against him. Yeah the ‘indulgence’ gold value may be to pay for damages and medical fees inflicted int he brawl, or a fine and fee penalty – to discourage such activities. ‘Shrug’ there are many misdemeanors in modern laws that are merely fines! So not so dark as it might sound. Though the officials tone is VERY Cynical!!!

  6. Train for a class switch … Templar/Paladin didn’t suit you in the first place, Fighter or Warden look like they’re better choices … can we get a training montage?

    1. Switch to Fighter, then you can do the Rocky montage!

  7. He seems to have a fair amount of dexterity (not as much as Tarin, but still), and he did invest in charisma too. He could make a fine Swashbuckler. Being a high mobility fencer seems to fit his build way better than straight up tanking.

  8. *Sends conversation to the highest authorities. “Lawful alignment Re-established. You may want to start running now….Sir.”

  9. Callin it now, he’s gonna go with squiring and end up with the Paladin Loot Thief lol

    1. Would be fitting.

      1. A punishment befitting the crime (for her).

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