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Hello everyone! This will be the final sunday (US saturday) update, future updates will now be on saturday (US friday) to sync with the weekly webtoon update which has caught up to the main site. As usual, thanks for reading and supporting Elven whether on here or on webtoons! Or both! n_n

21 thoughts on “Elven 00124 | Oathbreaker

  1. He shouldn’t get his hopes up very far. That’s the bitch that stole his loot. ><

  2. Oh yeah, baby!

  3. Fighter is a better class than templar anyway
    Soon as you’re done with old ties, time for a retraining montage
    Though I have a feeling you’re gonna need a new helmet by the time you’re done.

  4. Cyprien is being propositioned by a lady? Somehow I doubt this is going to go well for him in the way he hopes. Its sad when we learn our heroes are just as fallible as ourselves. Be your own hero!

  5. So apparently a high ranking Templar just got herself a new Squire…as mentioned in the previous episode.
    Wonder what his duties will be ? There\’s so many things that need a little \’polishing\’ 😉

  6. @Author – since Webtoon is current now, does it matter to you which site we use? i.e. does Webtoon make you more per view vs here, or vice versa, etc.

    1. If you’re reading from desktop, the main site is better. If you’re on your phone, webtoons is better, and there’s also an app for it. n_n

      In terms of numbers, this site has far more readers currently. Webtoons is like the netflix or youtube of mobile comics though, the potential audience is massive and there are so many other great comics on it. I’m also a fan of the vertical scrolling format which doesn’t limit things to a 4 panel horizontal layout and lets you be really creative with your pages. It’s fantastic for storytelling.

      1. I’m old fashioned. There is a perfectly good website right here that doesn’t need an app that gathers information and sends it to facebook. Want to have fun and see how many applications break when you deny the analytics….block graph.Facebook.com. Or better yet go thete and read thd below information in much wordier legalese.

        Do you want a privacy violation? There is a free app for that, paid ones too….in fact most of them.

        This isn’t ad revenue, its everything you do in the application and it gets around any permissions you set on applications. And facebook combines that data from all applications that use the api. It says all of this right in the api documentation that applications developers’ need to approve when they include the api in their applications. Facebook has time and again proven they are not good stewards of people’s private data. Give them as little as possible.

        1. While your at it, block googleads.g.doubleclick.net since that is most of the Google provided advertising.

          Oh and anonymous data is BS. They don’t need your name, they can target you through your advertising id which ios users can’t reset, and android users almost never do.

          don’t believe me? search for ‘anonymous data isnt’ and realize that not much has changed sice any of those articles have been written. Oh and most of the applications that implement SSL do it in such a way that a MITM attack against the application transparently succeeds and doesn’t notify the user.

  7. I flat out refuse to read anything on webtoons, tapas or smackjeeves, their page layout is horrible, the navigation is worse and I\’m not \’logging in with an e-mail\’ to read anything there, my junkmail skyrocketed the last time I did and I\’ve got too many \’spam dump\’ ones now.

    1. Haven’t had any experience with Tapas or SmackJeeves, but Webtoons is really for mobile readers who have the phone app. I wouldn’t recommend reading webtoons on desktop haha.

      1. webtoons saw fit to provide accompanying music, which I turned off, then they turned it back on again at every pageload. So they got permanently blacklisted for being utter tossers.

        tapastic is another of those vertical format on the desktop and fuck you if you don’t like it. “Yes, yes! Fuck you too!” to that.

        smackjeeves was decent until it got bought, then revamped into something that made everyone run away, so the new owners shut it down. All the archives went away too, of course.

        1. Yeah. Everything said in this bit I endorse. I’ve dropped webcomics I’ve followed for years cause they went to vertical scrolling format, or smack after it was lobotomized. I hate it. On the phone too. But at least it’s an option here, not use it or fuck you choices other places give. Course, I took the third choice and fucked off.

  8. Odins_Missing_Eye

    Can’t wait til Cyprien brings her home… I’m sure Ysteena and Dana would get on like a house on fire!

    1. As in, the house would actually be on fire before it was all over…

      1. Not like it hasn’t been set on fire before.

  9. Leisure Suit Larry

    Running away would probably be the smart choice.
    As templars usually have INT scores similar to goblins, it’s not too hard to predict what he will choose…

  10. “Ever heard about Blackguard subclass?”

  11. High Templar Ysteena used Charisma on Cyprien, it was super effective.

    Of course, with her as his mentor, it is doubtful if he will recover his alignment.
    But then that wasn’t what the headmaster was asking of him, was it ? Dark Paladin incoming ! 😁

  12. Sooooo, seeing as there is an unseen but all seeing and knowing Dungeon Master or some such dropping loot, awarding promotions and dealing out punishments…how is it that Ysteena is still a High Templar when she steals loot from those who have rightfully earned it? If she’s bribing the guild to keep her position that’s even worse. An impartial DM would take note and act accordingly. But then, it has been my experience that DMs can be capricious creatures.

  13. Our boy is ’bout to become a drug mule.

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