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22 thoughts on “Elven 00125 | Oathbreaker

  1. Something interesting

    I think I sense some bullsh*t coming from Ysteena

  2. A random act of enthusiasm, before being told what to be enthusiastic about.

  3. This plot line is … unexpected.

  4. we need you to drink 5 gallons of everclear….straight.

    1. Can I take a breath occasionally or do I need to drink it in one gulp?

  5. Wait, Is she actually going to be helpful?! This is a surprise from a loot stealer.

    1. It could be “helpful”, or it could be one set of ethics applies in combat, and another in regular life.

      Yeah right. Our boy ils screwed

  6. Aren’t guys who wear armour all the time supposed to be all stoical and moody? Or maybe my opinion’s just too influenced by television.

    1. Captain Smokeblower

      May be it’s just the armor that’s stoic, and the helmet hides the clown inside.

    2. wearing armor all the time means you are less likely to be made dead by a random attack.

  7. Maybe he should have paused to hear some instructions before running off

  8. She said “chaotic” Cyprien, not “stupid”! ><

    "Stupid" may no be an alignment, but it sure is his tendency.

  9. Oh Wow.. she’s actually trying to help him! Neat…

  10. I don’t think she is trying to help him. Detect Alignment would reveal Chaotic because that is his current alignment, and the reason he’s in trouble with the guild. While its true that being chaotic would be easier if he was wealthy, being wealthy helps all alignments. I think he misunderstood that line and thought she is going to make him wealthy. instead she said wealthy OR my squire. She is going to make him poor because her alignment is chaotic as well.

  11. Odins_Missing_Eye

    Nobody ever calls a low-level character “Tiger” and has their best interest at heart.

    1. Mary Jane Watson to Peter Parker.
      All the garbage that happened thereafter was Peter’s fault.

  12. He wants to bone that .. SO HARD !!!!

  13. First: I would like to know why Cyprien wants to be a Templar. Is it family or peer pressure? Childhood dream?
    Second: What are the requirements to be Templar? Lawful alignment? ( not lawful good obviously because neither that guy in charge nor Ysteena seem good)
    Third: He should research what class is similar but chaotic, change it and start being the badass he can be.

    1. I am not sure what is procedure for changing class. That idea definitely came to his mind. See “https://elven.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/elven-00013.jpg”.

  14. Desperate people are the best useful pawns
    My alignment is none of your concern .

  15. I just noticed “Perk”. Funny.

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