Elven 00126 | Oathbreaker

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13 thoughts on “Elven 00126 | Oathbreaker

  1. Damn… Why do I feel like his puppy died or something…?

  2. Damn… Wait, does that mean we’ll finally see his face?

    Nah, probably not

    1. Have you ever seen Goblin Slayer’s face after he took off his helmet? XD!

  3. Personally, I’d just re-class to something that took advantage of his true alignment. Course, I’ve always described myself as more of a chaotic neutral/good (depending on things) then anything else.

  4. Good thing the rest of his armor can be worn by non-templars.

    1. Actually I bet it wont go back on if he takes it off. I guess the first squire task was to take off the helm.

  5. Idk, the few times we’ve seen him fight, he was magnificently crappy at it (possibly excepting the time the magic shield dropped–but that could have just been luck). Perhaps without the Blessed helm, he’ll actually LEARN HOW TO FIGHT instead of just waving his sword around like a flyswatter. ><

    1. To be fair, it seems that up to now he was only trained as a tank not dps. But yeah, It would be funny to see him becoming a killing machine now that he is a fighter and can do all the things Goblinslayer does without that pesky code of honor in the way…

  6. He should switch classes to anti paladin it is more fun on the dark side of life. Plus you get wicked cool abilities and the babes love the bad boys.

  7. Think the Mandalorian’s helmet must have the same enchantment – He’s probably got a similar class too.

  8. I wanna say her hips look weird, but I don’t know if that’s just a ‘leaning forward concerned’ pose.

  9. This comic is hilarious. I admit i checked it out just because of the name but i am glad i did. Two thumbs up!

  10. When I first read this series, I thought Cyprian was a relatively flat-chested (I n comparisonto Dana) LESBIAN! I won’t back and re-read those early posts . . . The dialog works either way!

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