Elven 00128 | Oathbreaker

7 thoughts on “Elven 00128 | Oathbreaker

  1. Still having active helmet in profile picture tho.

    1. That’s his profile picture. it doesn’t have to reflect any portion of reality as anoyone who has used dating sites has learned the hard way.

  2. 5 Minutes? What took you so long??

  3. Cyprien is establishing a standard of response which Ysteena will expect him to continue to perform as her squire. Someone should tell him that setting the expectations so high is a horrible mista– What? Ah, you’re right! Letting him find out on his own what a fool he’s been will make a much greater impression on him, and provide us more laughs. ^^

  4. Looks like her favourite weapon is the whip 😉

    1. Whoo-pah! (Chandler)

  5. Is Cyprien training as a squire or a surgeon? That kind of response time is medical resident grade!

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