Elven 00129 | Oathbreaker

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  1. No restriction that he has to do it alone. (He has roommates to call on.)

  2. Spiders… with syphilis!

  3. Time to check yee-old party finder. Well, maybe the raid finder for this one.

  4. Sounds like a RAID!!!!!1

  5. Don’t go solo. You’ve got friends. Party up and dungeon dive together.

    PS, looks like the training montage for a new class will have to wait.

  6. β€œ2 million dollars in weapons, and I would give it all up for a can of Raid”

    Please tell me that at least someone knows that quote.

  7. He gets to sit? In her office? As not even a squire yet?

    1. He only gets to sit in her office _because_ he’s not a squire yet.
      At least it’s a valid quest, I was afraid it was going to be an infinite string-along type thing.

  8. Well the gang has previous experiences with insects of XXXXXL variety, and he can persuade them with loot (at least three squires worth of it). Im still hoping for the moment when he realises he is no longer bound by templar set of rules and starts kicking ass.

    1. Really if the other disgraced Templars died there, their equipment wasn’t all that good. However before he goes, he is hopefully smart enough to ask about better gear availability.

  9. So, does that mean she’s afraid of spiders? Maybe her weak point for future confrontations.

  10. So, these spiders would be three metres tall, I’m assuming.

    Also, cool map.

  11. Question 1: Did they go in alone?
    Question 2: Why did they go in alone?
    Question 3: Do I have to go in alone?

    1. If you never ask, then you can always say you didn\’t know πŸ˜‰

      1. Lawyering: the only way to Paladin.

      2. Sometimes its better to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission. This no longer applies when you are seriously dating someone. In those situations it\\\’s better to ask first.

  12. Crossing her legs the way those (supposedly) metal greaves sit must be horribly annoying…
    That explains the look on her face in the last panel πŸ˜‰

    1. It’s elven armor, it’s somewhat less annoying than regular plate.

  13. That almost sounds like she has some (However small) level of care as to his well being. More than I expected.

    1. Of course she does. She’s put almost five minutes of work into him; she doesn’t want all that effort to go to waste.

      1. This is true

        1. Also, she’s been without a suire for a while, and have had to do her own work !

  14. The things we do for love… *^^* β™₯

  15. Subtle world building is subtle.

  16. She should have picked him first. Spiders in a cavern? Send the guy without eyes. Must save a fortune in flashlight batteries.

  17. Bout time we got back to the action. Hopefully he packs the industrial size cans of raid as well as his broad sword. Scratch that just bring a flame thrower webs burn well and you need to take out all the eggs sacks or the spiders will be back soon.

  18. wait a sec…her expression is rather serious. it kind of make it look like she cares.

  19. Nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

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