Elven 00130 | Just Another Bug Hunt

19 thoughts on “Elven 00130 | Just Another Bug Hunt

  1. Any bets on what will jump our intrepid heroes first in that forest?

    1. A gru?

      1. Russkie spooks in a random forest? That seems a little far-fetched.

    2. Either someone from Goblins or Looking for Group.

      1. Or “By the Book”. A similar initial premis to Goblins but the author went a different way with it.
        Very low level minions for a Dark Lord find a dropped Adventure Manual and decide they are tired of being killed.

        1. I read By the Book. I didn’t go for it because the content is a little NSFW for where we are. Plus Min Max has a lot more comic potential.

      2. hahaha! Someone from Golbins! THAT got me laughing! Minmax and Kyn! los! ‘snicker’

  2. Gotta love the Darkest Dungeon narrator!

    Finding the stuff is only the first test. Now it must be carried home.

    Glittering gold, trinkets and baubles. Paid for in blood.

    Wealth beyond measure… Awarded to the brave and the foolhardy alike.

    If only treasure could staunch the flow of otherworldy corruption…

    A handsome reward, for a task well performed.

    Forture, waiting to be spent.

    Life… The greatest treasure of all.


    1. That’s what a henchman is for. I direct your attention to nodwick.com & the namesake comic thereof (now completed).

  3. Kauthris could be describing my entire life.

    I feel I’m a bit overdue for the bountiful treasures, though.

  4. Oh yeah.. who could resist adventuring with such a bevy of beautiful babes? He should really count his blessings!

    1. Oh, they’ll do nasty things to him.

  5. This looks suspiciously like a Wizard of Oz re do.

  6. Bright sunny day ? peaceful forest ? happy campers seeking fun and adventure ? Owlbear…if that isn\’t too far above their combined pay grade 😉
    We don\’t see whether or not the path is paved with gold yet so maybe it\’s Lions..or Tigers…or Bears..oh my !! or all aof them at once…a Chimera

    1. A snarky one, I would hope. As in, “What, y’all’ve never seen a Chimera before? Like, seriously?”

  7. I wonder what lie he told them about the quest to get them to come? He is Chaotic after all so what ever means is necessary. Good on him bringing the flame thrower she will be effective vs spiders and web.

  8. Ugh. Smoking again. (Gag, yuk!) PLEASE STOP HER!

  9. Is it wrong that I want to see Cuprien and Kauthris get together over their shared love of face-obscuring aesthetic?

  10. The well-spoken doctor knows how to change an unpleasant vibe! 🙂

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