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  1. Wow! that angle for Dana in the third pic!

    1. Dana seems wildly under equipped for this Adventure. She took more along on the trip to the basement. They all did infact.

      1. No, no, she’s equipped just fine. =)

    2. Dana seems wildly under equipped for this Adventure. She took more along on the trip to the basement.
      They all did infact.

      This didn’t post so I’m trying again.

    3. Yeah, she’s looking good there, I agree. πŸ˜€

  2. *Everybody who passes them on the road* “Aww, look at that couple, they must be together for quite a while now!”

  3. Actually… one level of Ranger is not a bad Idea for a wizard… all it really does is stop you from casting 2x 9thlevel spells a day when you max out at 20th and really.. that’s not super significant… but in exchange you get armor proficiency, weapons proficiency, a crap ton of extra skill point some nice hit points and a BAB of +1 and decent Reflex save boost. It’s not really a bad choice and doesn’t really hurt your over all spell power!

    1. I\’m not really sure if she\’s a wizard or a sorceress, probably a wizard since she uses her laptop as a spell book
      In some systems one level of Ranger even gives you \’dual wield\’ to use two weapons at once and a decent chance to hide
      For Dana though, I\’d think Rogue as a second class for hide, backstab, open locked spellbooks, etc.
      She certainly doesn\’t seem like Paladin would work, althought she could have used the disease immunity πŸ™‚
      In the systems I\’m used to, Rangers and Paladins need Wisdom for spells, something she seems to use as her \’dump stat\’
      Paladins makea good choice for a Sorceress with their Charisma but there\’s that little alignment problem πŸ˜‰

      1. Dual Wield, huh ?
        She could be dual wielding wands then?

        Reference : https://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2006/05/19/the-song-of-the-sorcelator-part-one

        1. Odins_Missing_Eye

          Bottles, even

    2. “Thou shalt not loose caster levels” is the basic tenant for any caster. Besides, if in comes down to a wizard needing to enter combat, things have gone horribly wrong and extraction should be the primary plan.

    3. Don’t forget the opportunity cost of delaying your spell slots by a level. Most people never reach level 20, and as you continue to adventure, you face level-appropriate challenges that were (attempted to be) designed for your range of abilities for that given level.

      You Can build a gish wizard if you study the right spells and pick the right ranger bonus feats, but just randomly picking a level of Ranger when the party meatshield dares you to is not how you do it, chief.

      1. If you simply MUST scratch that two weapon fighting gish itch, grab a twilight mithril chain shirt and learn the steeldance spell. Now just let your familiar handle the survival checks. Instant ranger.

  4. I think Cyprien has forgotten that he lost his Charisma bonuses (see comic 124, 1sr panel), and has to rely on his natural ability. *Snerk*

    He’s the one who needs the quest, so he’s the one who should make the sacrifice.

  5. Apparently, maturity isn’t a requirement to advance beyond Level 1. :))

  6. Quite literally taking one (level) for the team.

  7. Nature’s a class skill for Wizards and Sorcerers so I’m not sure why she’d need to multiclass, above post stating a level in ranger is good for a wizard not withstanding.

    Also, ask Kauthris if she has this skill already first. Using animal parts to craft medkits and being able to identify the correct mushrooms the questgiver was after might mean the party already has the knowhow inside it.

  8. Everything is relative to the game system and version. Many people agree that D&D stopped being a game as soon as 3.0 was introduced. Some people say that 4.0 and after is utterly worthless and a waste of money and time. Then you have d20 game settings that have fantasy that is not D&D, also you have Pathfinder… I am of the AD&D 2.5 edition group when I want to play D&D anything, but I would rather play Hero system over anything D&D.

    1. I have played most D&D Systems around there, 5th not as i am from the “Pathfinder” guys. And D&D at it finest is 3.5, we still played AD&D and 3.0 alongside, but after the refinement came out: 3.5 it was a well rounded System and Pathfinder is in mostly only another refinement of it. It is what you want: AD&D is a spezialised Dungeon Hack System, D20 3.5 is a generalized Combat System which removed some Flaws from AD&D. Saving Roles i look at you, why have you to be low good while every other role needs to be high?
      D20 4th is… a simpleton 3.5th with 30 Levels and no Demons. Some which they corrected in 5th Edition, but the Fork already happened. And Asmodeus has still nothing to with Sukkubi ! (Which is the main Problem most Poeple have with 4th and 5th Edition, it is incompatibel in it’s Lore to lots of the older Novells out there)

      1. Yup… I agree with ALL of this! We played Ad&d for years..literally the same campaign for 20 years! We went through the skills & powers era and entered the 3.0 – 3.5 era still loving the system that was mostly self-compatible or at least easily convertible, even into Pathfinder. But I jumped the ship at the $e betrayal… and though 5e is less unpalatable than 4e {that which shall no longer be named}… I still do not approve of 5e ‘SUPER DUMBED DOWN’ system! You can play anything that fits into their narrow view of options screw that… I can pick what uniqueness my character has by spending my skill point my feats my class and prestige classes how and when I want to! 5e took away any open choice beyond their narrow definitions. So… not my DnD system of choice… I’d stick with Pathfinder.

        The biggest complaint in our group was that pathfinder was too player friendly. I beg to differ as the DM is the ultimmate arbiter of how much gold the party gets access too. Though even THAT is a bit more open to players willing to do the hard work to invest their gold as per Ultimate Campaigne to invest in running a business and the profits therefrom.

        The main complaint a few in our group have over Pathfinder.. [one I Do not share] is the magic item creation system. Some think it is too easy or too restricting in you must either be a crafting wizard or a metamagic wizard you can’t be both! Personally.. I see that as a good thing! honestly. You will NEVER be able to do EVERYTHING you have to pick a specialty in feat progression. I like that. So Wizards do not have access to all the power and can craft any and everything. The system is designed for you not to be able to get all the feats!

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