Elven 00134 | Just Another Bug Hunt

13 thoughts on “Elven 00134 | Just Another Bug Hunt

  1. I’m not surprised. I wonder why she even went there.

    1. You think that it’s easy to ignore the rambling wanderings of subconscious grey matter? I disagree if you do.

  2. Oh man! I forgot about that. Poor Dana. Dejavu in a really bad way.

    1. Plot twist, after this she has spider-man powers…and using any of them triggers her PTSD!

  3. “Its easy to escape. Just do what people normally do to escape when caught in a web”
    “There is no normal way to escape because nobody has ever escaped the threads of death”
    “Not helping”

  4. Odins_Missing_Eye

    Classic level 1 damsel-in distress skill: fainting so a hero will appear with no recurse but to rescue you. (This is your cue, Cyprien!)

  5. Awe… poor dana!

  6. They intended to battle spiders, but instead, they’re just hanging around. 😉

  7. I wonder if Dana has seen the anime “I reincarnated as a spider? So what!” 😛

    1. Cue Spinnerette!

      1. Odins_Missing_Eye

        Spinnerette – “Don’t worry, you’re safe now!”
        Dana – *faints anew*

  8. Call out your next pokemon!

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