Elven 00135 | Just Another Bug Hunt

13 thoughts on “Elven 00135 | Just Another Bug Hunt

  1. Aww, please tell me that isn’t he the one who saves the day, i want that Cyprien be the hero this time

    1. I’m picturing him popping out, looking all ferocious, jumping at a spider, and then also getting caught in the web. She hasn’t spent a lot of time levelling him.

  2. Odins_Missing_Eye

    Nice twist!

    Also, imagine the party recounting their adventure to a bard later on:
    Party: “And then, it was Dana who saved us!”
    Bard: “Oh? What’d she do?”
    Party: “She, um, fainted?”

  3. Very clever and even then so self centric.

  4. He’s going to come back with an imaginary mana potion, isn’t he ? 🤣

  5. Don’t take a victory lap just yet, Dana First, you didn’t specify the “something” that he should do, and second–did you forget that he’s naked?

    Questions will be raised. ^^

  6. Well that worked out after all

  7. ‘Not like there is anything else to do. This place has more empty space than the void and is dimmer than a black hole’
    **Gets smacked**

  8. I almost expected her to take out a dildo in the last panel or something… I think I may be unfair towards her.

    1. Odins_Missing_Eye

      You mean a Wand of Minor Tremor, right?

      1. Oh yeah, one of those, I bet it could get handy since arachnids dislike sudden oscilation changes…

  9. Do I have to draw a diagram for you?! 😉

    1. Is it a venn diagram?]

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