Elven 00146 | Just Another Bug Hunt

The unglamorous life of a tank.

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  1. WhyYouWanaKnowMyName?

    More like the life and death of a tank. Hope he’s wearing plot armour!

    1. It’s OK! He still has a hit point left?

      1. Even if he has a single hit point left, it won’t do dick for him if that Spider rips out its leg or throws/slams him

      2. That’s got to come with a bleed effect and it’s a spider so maybe poison too? He dead. Bet they can rez him though. 🙂

        1. Just as soon as spiders poison things via their legs and not their mandibles that’ll be something to worry about.

        2. Remember, this comic world uses a mix of real world and game world logic; its still possible for spiders to poison with literally any attack.

    2. Well, if he has high con, he still has a few rounds to die, so they could stabilize him in time. But hey, at least he’ll die doing what he was meant to do: Being the meat shield.

  2. “Ugh… remind me again… how many lives do I have?”
    “Uh, right now I’m thinking zero.”

  3. Damn! Cyprien becoming the sacrificial lamb, so to speak.

  4. It is a sad comment on our society that when I look at the last box, I am thinking, “I used to have a pair of pink hightop Chucks just like hers!”

  5. Looks like she’s mad that he’s getting blood all over her…

  6. To be fair, this is why those who play tanks enjoy playing tanks. Personally been playing tank classes since 1997. We’re all just a little crazy.

  7. Even the most useless members of the party have their uses 😉

  8. Why is it I have this feeling she is going to make that spider regret it was ever hatched?

  9. Hopefully Cyprien\’s comment on the hit: \”Ouch, my shoulder! Lucky I already have a healing poting ready.\”

  10. Kauthris can heal people killed by spiders (see HERE and following oage). XD

    1. She wasn’t dead and impaled that time, just in shock.

  11. Tank finally acted his role, but run through, with that amount of blood … that’s a mortal wound

    I’d say to learn to block with your sword, not with your body … but it’s a lesson come too late

    1. Unless he has the “Anime Physics” perk. Then he has at least ten more gallons left.

  12. If that did not earn him an alignment shift back towards what he needs for his class, it will at the very least make the list of memorable actions for a serious experience bonus. Maybe if he goes up a level, the hit point bump will keep him alive. If not, then that is a good end for a tank.

  13. Now THAT is heroic! If there was any doubt of his paladin Worthiness.. it just got proven! A paladin is dedicated to sacrificing their well-being for the sake of others in the face of evil!

    Cyprien is a Paladin!

  14. I guess not much point in wearing armor if this is the level of protection it provides.

    1. Yarr. I just love how in anything entertainment, armour is made out of cardboard and fit for LARPing only. Yup. Ne’er has armour done it’s intended job of stopping things from stabbing/slashing/bludgeoning the person wearing it. And don’t waste my time with piercing effects. Plate can stop bodkin arrows from a warbow. It can stop a leg from stabbing someone. And even if you want to handwave metal limbs cause magic, weapons are made from metal. And are stopped by plate on the regular. Kinda why ppl wore armour for literally millennia. It worked.

  15. Critical hit! You aren’t killed outright but your party had better act quick because you’re rolling for death saves now!

    1. Nonsense, it’s only a flesh wound!

  16. The problem with this being a reason for getting back his paladin status is that its not really a lawful thing to do. Its a good and noble thing, no question about it, but not really lawful. And what landed Cyprien here was his chaotic shift in alignment. That said, if “badass” was a class he would lvl up right now.
    On a side note: that poor spidey is arguably in a grapple now, meaning no dex bonus to AC and size penalty (no bodyshaming ). Time to strike now!
    PS Kauthris can probably keep Cyprien alive (using some gruesome and disturbing process no doubt). Or he will respawn with ress sickness on the nearest graveyard. I dont think we covered the topic of death yet…

    1. Respawning may be a problem, with no savepoint (stated in comic #144)

  17. Hopeful someone has access to a raise dead spell.

  18. Hope Cyprien does die and stay dead. I would serve as the perfect starting point for a major character arc for Dana

  19. Look, he knows how to be a proper tank! Well, except for the blocking part. Hopefully somebody can rez him. 🙂

  20. I hope this is the bloodiest part of this adventure.

  21. Am I seeing things, or is it really a smirk on Cyprien’s face? Is damage reflection skill use incoming?

    1. I know this is late, but if you go to Webtoons you can see that there not only is no smirk, there appears to be no mouth. I don’t think Cyprien knew he had this skill.

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