Elven 00147 | Just Another Bug Hunt

20 thoughts on “Elven 00147 | Just Another Bug Hunt

  1. Well, I never liked him anyway. He is kinda faceless?

  2. They’ve died before…. https://elven.co.nz/comic/elven-00068/

    1. The issue is that there’s no save point for this dungeon. So they might not be able to respawn until after they get out.

    2. The whole reason he was sent on this quest (solo technically) is because all of the previous apprentices/sacrificial schlubs that High Templar Ysteena has sent on it have died permanently, and not come back. He’ll either succeed and get the prize of being redeemed (sorta), or die trying, and stay that way.

  3. A giant spider is a hell of a hill to die on.

    Much respect Cyprien. I would have noped the hell out of there a log time ago screeching like a little girl.

    I’m seriously arachnophobic.

    1. Perhaps his fight-or-flight reflex is broken like mine, and instead is a “stand there stupidly” reflex. It’s a wonder I’m still alive.

  4. This is epic!

  5. … I think Ysteena is either watching to see what he does, or is secretly the spider.

  6. bettin he’ll regain his status after takin that stab for her

  7. And now, Dana rage-unlocks \”empower spell\” and vents her wrath upon the eldritch horror…
    Either that or her familiar pops in to save the day…again
    Love the facial expressions lately, even Kauthris\’ 😉

  8. I get the feeling, juuuuuuuust maybe, this is where he levels up and learns a valuable order lesson that saves everyone’s ass. Maybe. Like, 2-3% chance. Would make for a great curve ball.

    1. and if he takes another point in Charisma when he levels…will he have Dana mowing his lawn or hauling his ashes ? alignment be damned 😉

  9. Could it be…is it possible…will Cyprien finally unlock the ‘has actual eyes’ perk???

  10. Man, what does Dana use as a foundation? Cyprien’s blood spatters just rolled off.

    1. As a comic I would say that this probably does not have the same problems in reality of blood literally sticking to everything.

  11. Dana, area flash or fire wall. Grab and go for one of the thin passages.
    My favorite tactic was always 1 fire wall between me and the enemy, and one perpendicular through the enemy

  12. Chaotic good is still good. Some character development is long over due for the boy.

  13. Prestidigitation: Good for All your blood splatter problems.

  14. This looks like Cyprien’s finest moment. It’s too sad if it’s also his last one.

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