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  1. GM please Nerf … if tanks had this they could solo Mythic raids.

    1. Nah. What if you’re at 6% HP? It would never trigger. Also, you can still die from poison or magic.

      Although this does tell us about Cyprien. To be under 5% HP with 3 left, he needs to have 59HP or less. Which means the spider did up to 56 damage to him.
      This means the maximum he could be reflecting is 280 HP of damage. Might be less.

      The real question is where did he get this hidden passive? Can’t be templar in nature.

      I wonder if this Elven world has chaotic good champions or something.

      1. No… he’d have to have 60hp or more. If he had 120 total and 3 left he’d be at 2.5% hp, which would trigger it. The spider could have done any amount of damage in either attack. I wouldn’t even trust that the spider has less than 500% of Cyprien’s HP, because the second hit looks like it was a crit.

      2. You forgot about overkill damage

    2. Video game bosses don’t generally do 20% of their own hp in a strike, though we don’t know the standards in the Elven-verse.

      1. Maybe the spider rolled a crit, and that’s being thrown back 5x.

  2. Perfect skill for the true martyr.
    Glad he has some thing useful for once.

  3. Get Wrecked! That’s My Boi! XD

  4. Cyprien finally acquires an OP skill of his own … that’s one dead spider; not a one shot, as the party dealt some minuscule damage each, but close enough … now someone heal him before he bleeds out!!

    PS, you’ll pardon me, but I’m stealing it … for the next time I’m DM’ing my next D&D game, I’m gonna give that a slight variation of that power to my party’s tank as a little level up bonus … ✅

  5. Very cool and OP, glad Cyprien has some time to shine.
    However they may not out of the woods yet; without knowing exact numbers that might not be enough to one-shot the spider and Cyprien’s health is still critical.

  6. Guys…..the move is NOT op. While the damage output is insane the activation costs are rather high. I mean he’s so close to death’s door he pratically sitting in the grim reapers lap. This move is not a tank move….it’s a freaking COUNTER!

  7. I’m assuming this activated because his attempt at heroic self-sacrifice restored his Lawful alignment and status as a Templar?

  8. Deus ex Medicare ? With the amount of times I\’ve had characters halfway through a combat round with 1 hp left, this should be a free feat for all classes 🙂

  9. I think the way it\’s written, the \’500% reflected\’ is 5x the damage the spider is going to \’not do\’, not his hp.
    I don\’t know if you can \’reflect\’ hp ? but you can reflect incoming attacks…right now is when he WANTS to be critted 😉

    1. I agree, the 5x damage is based on the attack damage of the strike which reflected back on the attacker. I don’t think reflected damage will crit since its not an initiative based attack.

      1. Maybe, but the damage for the attack has to be added up to have something to reflect and a critical multiplied by five would be…
        hmmm add up the damage, adjust for elemental, strength bonus, other extras spiders get, let\’s see he\’s pretty much flat-footed so maybe a bonus there, carry the four, multiply by the spider\’s crit bonus, check the tide tables and star charts, round up then multiply by five and drop the decimal…
        That\’s a LOT !! 🙂

  10. Jeez i hope he gets the XP for that kill. He need all the help he can get.

  11. Ah. A skill that requires you to be failing to be useful. What we call a looser cruiser. I bet he starts carrying a small knife so he can do some cutting when he gets to 6% hp.

  12. Thank you for this, I always knew Cyprien would become a Badass, but this is really amazing way to show it off.

  13. SO. The way to make this tool useful is to shank him before the boss fight and hold him in front of you like the brainless meatshield he is.

  14. I wonder how did he get that passive though. Would be funny if its running in the family and Cypriens mom is an op tank that left the life of adventure to be a housewife while still capable of murdering dragons.

  15. Reminds me of those near death attacks from final fantasy six. You have one of the party a bit from dying and then suddenly O.O what the hell was THAT.

  16. So, all they need to do is heal him, damage him below 5% & stick him in the path of the spider. And really hope it doesn’t just poison him instead, since it’s physical damage only :).

    Speaking of, might be handy to invest in some extremely tailored posions to get yourself down to 5% on demand..

    1. He’s screwed if he gets hit by more than one attack while under 5% HP. 😉

  17. Called it!

    1. Called what. That a MC has plot armour. How prescient.

      1. https://elven.co.nz/comic/elven-00146/#comment-1798
        How incredibly polite of you to phrase your inquiry like that.

        1. They might be happier playing a first-person shooter instead of engaging in a dramatic, fluid game of skill.

  18. I too would love to become my own giant big zapper like Cyprien.

    1. Bug Zapper.

  19. Looks like Cyprien has a tradeoff for having no eyes.

  20. Hey y’all, you really need to see this on Webtoons. Hard to see here, but it’s clear over there that the spider got ripped!

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