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  1. She’s just t trying to steal Cyprien’s xp.

    And looking oh so hot while doing it.

    1. Or she’s more into Cyprien then she lets on. Or maybe she just hates $%^@ing spiders, God knows I do.

      1. I definitely share your sentiment. And hers. All spiders MUST die!

        1. I’m not saying that. I know they have their place. It’s just that when you have one give live birth on you when you’re FIVE YEARS OLD it tends to leave scars.

  2. Welp they are going to get a ton of levels, as the Boss was way above their level.

    1. Well, Cyprien did most of the damage, so perhaps he will get most of the experience. After all, he is needy and by far the most pathetic.

    2. Or it was so high above their level they should never win and the awarders of the sacred XP see it as \’beating is cheating\’ so they get nothing 😉

      1. Where I’m from, when the DM puts a critter after you that you can’t beat, then refuses to reward you for the win because you somehow cheated, well. we confiscate the snacks.

        1. Where I’m from such DM tactics have a high likelihood of causing sudden impact from hardcover gaming books and or metallic dice.

        2. Some online games do that when you\’re in a party so three or four high levels can\’t drag a low level around saying \”watch this\’ to get scads of XP for doing nothing, or load a low level with the best equipment and let them kill things they shouldn\’t even be on the same plane with, and I\’m not entirely sure I don\’t agree with it a little.

  3. Nice to see Kauthris’s vocabulary skills haven’t failed her.

  4. (gasp) That’s some strangely direct profanity Kauthris.
    Sorry Tarin but Cyprien’s earned that XP, maybe it’s dropped something shiny for you instead.

    1. Yeah…’earned’. By being the usual useless pos whose only contribution is plot armour. Really earned that.

      1. He put his body between Dana and the spider, taking the hit that would have killed her (it nearly killed him despite his armor). He then told her to run and save herself while the spider was delayed in killing him. He is hardly a “pos”, and it may be that this “hidden passive skill” was granted to him because he was willing to die for Dana.

      2. “useless pos” man, umm, okay, take a chill pill, and consider: If you think self sacrificing behavior isn’t something huge brought to any given table… well, I probably can’t think of a lot of people that want to be at the same table as you.

      3. Hmm, I smell a troll…

  5. Yaaaay!Cyprien is getting lvl ups (hopefulle multiple). Although I must ask, what class will it be? I mean can he choose or is it activity related? I think second option, from what we have seen already. But since he is not a pally at this moment does he get another class like defender or something? Or will it lvl up his class but without most abilities until he gets back his uhh “Paladin license”?

    1. Cyprien was a Templar, not a Paladin.

      1. What he said, just swap the words and you are good to go 🙂

    2. So, he’s getting XP for his Fighter class… what happens when he’s restored as a Templar?

  6. Tarin feels the same way about spiders as many do, it may be dead but sure wants to be certain.

  7. Reminds me of a roleplaying session where I, a female, skinny Wizard/thief and three brute barbarians/knights were under attack by some huge monster! Barbarian one attacked first, did a lot of damage. Barbarian 2 attacked, did even more damage. The knight attacked and also did a gazillion damage, yet the monster still survived and would likely have killed one of them if it wasn’t for me and the small dagger I threw. I hit an eye and did 3 points of damage, bringing it negative and in need for a health roll. Which it failed. Since then, I Erkenbout the Third, Wizard-thief, became known as the mighty Demonslayer… 😀
    Well, it wasn’t a demon, but still… Reputation matters…

    1. It\’s not who does the most damage, it\’s who does the last damage that gets the kill 😉
      I\’ve had a few characters in online games get that last hit on the big monster and credit for the kill and then watched some people get really upset.
      Which is why I don\’t play online games like that very much.

  8. I think she’s actually searching for loot inside the spider.

  9. Hopefully the XP includes HP. It would suck to gain a level just in time to die.

    @MateKiddleton. Thank you for creating and sharing.

  10. Someone heal that boy

  11. I\’m with Tarin on this one, now set it on fire and beat it out with a wet mace then set it on fire again.

  12. As someone who’s car is infested with a spider colony; I say she needs to relax.

    1. As someone with a nasty scar from a brown recluse bite, I say she isn\’t using nearly enough fire.

  13. Multi-panel boss fight … much appreciated 💚

  14. Because Kate said she was going to keep the cast Pages updated with the story Cyprien is now listed as a Guardian.

    1. Waaaait what? OMG you are right! I wonder if hes going to flip his lid once he finds out about it (or do a NOOOOO when notification hits him, would be hilarious). Now I cant wait how this will impact his training and social life. (will he continue his charisma tank route?). Damn, Im talking like an addict or rabid fangirl…

  15. totally an attempt to Killsteal..

  16. Tea stabbing?

  17. Unfortunately, someone should tell Tarin you only get to level off of mutilating the corpse in Muchkins. . .

  18. Frankly, I think Tarin is just releasing some pent up tension/fear/emotion. It’s sort of like excess ‘battle crazies’ that come out once you realize you’re not going to die.

  19. Spider meat for dinner, anyone? I bet it has lots of protein? 😉

  20. Heh mutilate the body get more loot.

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