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Woohoo, made it to comic #150! When Elven was on hiatus even #50 seemed rather far away. Pretty stoked to have churned through 100+ pages in roughly two and a bit years when it took me like four years to make the first 40. Thanks to all my readers for sticking around, I know some of you have been here since 2011 or earlier! Also Elven on Webtoons just recently hit 500 subscribers so a bit of a double milestone here. Don't forget to subscribe there for the full toilet break experience on your phone! There are a ton of other amazing comics on there as well if it's a particularly lengthy break...

35 thoughts on “Elven 00150 | Just Another Bug Hunt

  1. Tarin gets all the gold because she is the thief. Discuss.

    1. Either because the Dungeon Gods will that the thief gets it or because she has a way of stealing it from the other characters

      1. With gold she can buy what she needs, or what she needs to steal what she needs ๐Ÿ˜‰
        Or set herself up in a thriving potion and wand market

    2. Tarin probably has looting on her dagger. Even though the carcass was dead, since loot hadn’t dropped yet she was gaming the system some. I would totally expect her to know about any bugs(pun intended) with the system.

  2. Loot for the Party!
    W00t for the author!

  3. Panel 5: I mean, what exactly… I’m not even gonna… (head explodes)

  4. Does he get to keep the coat?

    1. Hope so, his current torso armour is full of hole. (Singular, as in there’s only one hole, but no room for others…)

      1. Its a boob window so you can see the boob.

  5. Is that five levels for EACH party member or five toal with one for each and two for Cyprien ?
    The herbalist\’s undergarment…is that a trauma thong ? suitable for bandaging occasional bleeding ?
    Should be fun to see what they do when Dana or Tarin gets around to fully identifying them.
    Nice drops ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I was thinking it could double as a tourniquet.

    2. Yeah 5 levels each. That would imply that levels are separate from XP unless the distribution is unequal, or the total XP is a combination of what it took to give everyone 5 levels.
      Cyprien is now 6
      Dana is 7
      I think Tarin is probably 8
      Karthus is probably 10.

      My doubtful question is has Cyprien learned anything from this experience?

      1. Cyprien has levelled up at least one, he got the extra Charisma point that caused the others so much trouble ๐Ÿ™‚
        The others did too

        1. maybe now he can get the real quests (reserved for level 10 or higher) instead of spending all day sending e-mails ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Tarin probably has some passive skills to encourage cash drops.

  7. So that makes them level 7 or 8 I guess cool.

  8. Full healing with a level up, good to know … meantime, Cyprien needs a new suit of armor … the one he has equipped has a big hole in the torso

    1. That coat is 4* so I think it will work for the time being. Also I think these items are pre-identified.
      Cyprien is very lucky indeed. Now he just needs to avoid getting in this situation again (yeah right).

      1. Coat is armor … or is a sort of mantle (hoodless cloak) that goes over the armor? Uncertain.

        1. Armour used to be referred to as a \’coat\’ in some eras, hence \’coat of mail\’ or \’coat of plates\’

  9. Cyprien gets new coat and 5 lvls, Oh I cant wait to see how that translates to his training. Now he should be able to chug those potions and take the beating, maybe even dish some damage too? Only 3 more lvls till he can go for the goblins around the city. Im still curious though about those victims wrapped up by momma spider, seems like there is additional victim.

  10. So, I gotta wonder how this is going to play out with…um…you know, what’s her name? I mean, is she going to try and take credit for Cyprien’s level-up, and imply/leverage/extort some sort of indebtedness to her for it?

    1. It sure seems like Ysteena *wanted* him to get killed. Like she wanted the previous guys to get killed. I hope our heroes can cut down the others and bring them out safely.

    2. Maybe she\’ll give him the shield she stole from him ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Yeah, I was thinking about that shield. Does it really seem like a Templar thing to steal a shield from a very junior Templar who needs it? I’m wondering if Ysteena really *is* a Templar. Maybe she was, but due to her actions, she was demoted to Fighter (or worse) but others haven’t realized it. So she keeps on taking advantage of her position to steal loot from junior Templars, and then sends them off to get killed to cover up her crimes.

        1. Well if we *hope* for best case, maybe she gives back the shield when he comes back with the quest completed. Not saying that’s what’s going to happen, just that it would be nice to see.

        2. She\’s in a senior position. Once you hit management, all alignments change to lawful greedy.

        3. Good point. As the Order representative said, “Oh, it’s totally lawful according to our bylaws which we write and change as we see fit.” So a bylaw that lets senior Templars take whatever they want from junior Templars is not out of the question.

  11. Yeah, I’m just waiting to find out that Kauthris is absolutely drop-dead smoking hot under that herbalist mask, and to find out that she mostly wears it to stave off guys who would otherwise be constantly hitting on her.

    1. Of course she is, she has \’plastic surgeon\’ as a secondary skill ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. Which could explain her expression. To wit: “Seriously? I already have a whole drawer full of these. And this one isn’t even neon.”

  12. I hope after this Cyprien tells the order where to shove it in so many words, and finds his own path.

  13. Thatโ€™s so unfair! Especially to Dr K.P. ๐Ÿ™

  14. Herbalistโ€™s Undergarment?
    She seems nonplussed!
    I donโ€™t blame her.


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