Elven 00151 | Return Of The Templar

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  1. Wait wut ?!

    You sent level 2’s on a level 10 quest???

    Isn’t this sending people to a f…king slaughterhouse in the hopes that someone might make it?

    Woman … do you not have a conscience for all the lives that were beaten down (and likely eaten) as a result of your “trial”?

    1. Hey, the only requirement of being in the order is that you be Lawful. Lawful Evil is still Lawful, and it’s entirely possible her self-assigned job is “get rid of the idiots by sending them all on suicide quests”

      1. I had a DM like that once. My Goblin Artificer drove him into a life of Mime.

    2. There were four of them, maybe in this world that counts as one level eight and the quest was set up for one level ten character ?
      If so, they weren\’t off by much, but my gameworld interpretive math dance isn\’t that good 😉

    3. I am liking boss lady elf more and more LOL. Cleaning out the dead wood of the order is the best way to make for a elite force.
      That being said you do not make a sharp blade by running it against a soft stone.
      At a high level i bet the order does some very dangerous jobs. My guess it is her job to find people that can do those jobs. Think Delta force SEAL team 6 Green berets.

      1. The parties I ended up in were usually less like Charlie\’s Angels and more like Chuckee\’s Cheeses 😉

      2. Only a moron thinks this is laudable. Sending newbs to die isn’t ‘clearing deadwood’ it’s murder. Deadwood are ppl who have had time and time again to get their acts together and carry their weight. Newbs who haven’t had time to learn sweet fuck all are newbs still learning, not deadwood.

        1. I agree. This is like trench frontline warfare. Only the most fortunate survive. Luck is what otherpeople are said to have. An individual is best looking at themselves as fortunate, since that is an effect they can have. Trying to claim luck for yourself causes a person to take risks without preparation.

      3. You should at least tell them what they are getting into. Give them the chance to quit. Part of selecting an elite force would be rooting out cowards who won’t even take dangerous jobs.

        Sending newbs in blind is just a pointless waste. You don’t sharpen a new blade by smashing it against hard stone (except for stone knives). It has to be shaped then sharpened, impatience will risk ruining the blade.

      4. If you want to run a game like that fine, but you are banned from even a single complaint when the players show up with a Planar Shepherd, Artificer, Initiate of the sevenfold veil wizard, and a Divine Metamagic Cleric Malconvoker.

      5. > That being said you do not make a sharp blade by running it against a soft stone.
        That is -literally- how you are supposed to go about sharpening things.

    4. Hrm. In this world, Templars are Lawful Evil. Cool. I’m thinking this is the big plot twist.

      But…. footage? How exactly do they get footage? (Visions of an invisible squad of pixies flying around behind adventuring parties, complete with director, sound pixie, three camera-pixies, and a gaffer.) =D

      Keep it coming. Want to see more.

  2. Ehem, level 7 actually miss.

    1. Now, maybe. Not when doing the job.

  3. I wonder how many dead adventurers are represented by “incomplete”? How long can an organization support a 90% attrition rate?

    1. Strikes me as just a failure rate – remember this world has save points.
      Though their budget for psychological counselling should be huge, dying on a regular basis is sure to give anyone issues enough for a comic store

  4. Maybe try sending level 10 adventurers on level 10 quests, and level 2 adventurers on level 2 quests, maybe expectations could rise, then?

  5. She calls a level 2 party completing a level 10 quest “exceedingly low expectations”?

    1. I think the other nine quests might’ve been easier (I doubt level 2 parties on level 10 quests is standard), so a 1 in 10 success rate is, potentially, really bad (I mean, if even half the others were level appropriate challenges, you’d expect a success rate of 3 or 4 out of 10 at a minimum). She seems impressed once she discovers what quest succeeded.

  6. ALL quests are recorded and everything the party does is \’logged\’ ? or just this one since she apparently set it up ?
    If that happens all the time, Dana\’s laptop might not need more memory, just a link to her account 😉

  7. Yup, she\’s an asshole.

  8. Don’t lie Ysteena, you only want that footage because you want to see Dana’s naked familiar in action.

  9. I’m just hoping Dana and Cypren will hook up together…

    1. That would ruin the whole group dynamic. Look at any sitcom where that’s been done.

  10. fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of a politician politicking.

  11. I thought the party was level 3 … and Darkest Dungeon doesn’t have a level 10 … in that system, level 6 is the max.

  12. Wait, if Ysteena set this up, does that mean she arranged for the payout on the success as well? What goes on here?

  13. The level of the quest may not have been known till it was completed successfully. As well it is possible that if a party perma-dies (no save point), then other characters pop into existence as level 1s, in effect a “re roll” for stats…. the cold logic may be if they party have exceptional stats then worth progressing them up, if they are average then reroll them till they become exceptional, an attempt to rig the system so order wins against chaos.

  14. Dafuq? Guys, “killing gobs around the city” was lvl 10 solo quest right? Since this one was obviously harder. (unless those goblins are special forces equivalent for their race with tactics and gear to match). She is either straight up murdering newbs or is so far from understanding lov level reality that she considers that kind of stunt actually doable, and Im not sure which possibility scares me more…

  15. This doesn’t seem like the kind of game where you get permadead – I mean, it has save points! I think without a save point, you just get a MISSION FAILED and wake up in hospital. So I really don’t think she’s *killing* newbs – just failing them.

    1. The explicit point made when this assignment was handed to Cyprien was that none of those she sent had returned. As in, they died. Permadead. Pining for the Fjords. Shuffled off their mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisible! They are Ex-adventurers.
      The save point used in the previous adventure was a dungeon feature that the spider nest lacked.

      1. \’never returned\’ doesn\’t necessarily mean \’dead\’, they may be in suspended animation as part of the Queen Spider\’s pantry…or maybe she just collects shiny things like adventurers in armour and puts them on shelves to dust off once in awhile or maybe play \’dress up\’ with 🙂

        1. Still feels iffy, once they die they should respawn, so they either did not = omg torturous slow digestion by spider acid, thats some PTSD material if I ever saw one, or they somehow did? Maybe some “log out of this plane of existance” option which they used to avoid torturous death by spider goo, which effectively means death?

      2. Hah! Good catch. I totally forgot about that… https://elven.co.nz/comic/elven-00129/

  16. This doesn’t seem to be the kind of game that will kill you permanently – it has save points! I think without a save point you just get a MISSION FAILED and wake up in hospital. So she isn’t *killing* newbs – just failing them.

    1. I think that’s why it’s so frightening that they didn’t return. You respawn if killed normally. But they were killed deader-than-dead or stuck in a creature’s belly or in a web to slow die.

  17. Is this story developing a…gasp…plot?

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