Elven 00152 | Return Of The Templar

23 thoughts on “Elven 00152 | Return Of The Templar

  1. Wait Wut?!

    This feels like a reversal of the nerd becoming the hot girl trope (¬‿¬)

    Turning a hot girl in to a nerd … a HOT nerd … I’m down … ( ̄ー ̄)b

  2. Most important question: Where the heck can I hire a hot pointy-eared bespectacled secretary like her?

    1. Ooh, yeah – she’s a doll, a sort of modern Marian the Librarian

    2. Well if you were in an anime you could just step in front of the infamous truck-kun and get isakaied to that world (maybe) 🙂

    3. She would disapprove of you … and me … and even her current boss, I am sure.
      I suspect that only her current boss doesn’t care.

    4. Is there a trope for hot bespectacled secretary?

      1. Yes, the term is “glasses girl.” 😉

  3. The error was in assuming she’s a wizard. She’s clearly more of a sorcerer. The trouble is that those who have taken notice are a far greater danger than any recently deceased arachnid boss.

    1. Flames and summoning? I dunno, man. Sounds more like a warlock to me.

  4. Definitely a Sorceress, you can tell by the charred bodies and fresh do-it-yourself reconstruction projects in her wake

  5. Seems to me that an \’Evoker\’ can learn spells like a Wizard but then cast them spontaneously like a Sorceress.
    I always said Sorcerii should be able to learn more than a few spells.
    There most likely are \’Conjurers\’, \’Summoners\’ and \’Transmuters\’ and even \’Necromancers\’ to along with the \’Evokers\’ too.
    It\’s like Specialist Wizards got their own Class(es) 🙂
    Dana\’s more like an \’Elementalist\’ with a preference for fire, we\’ve seen her conjure water and possess flies so she can do other things too, but \’Fire GOOD!!\’

    1. She also can do possession, which may be the reason why karthus is bothering with them. That is an unusual skill for a level 2 spellcaster to have no matter what their basis is.

      I wonder what insights we will learn from the analysis of the other members of the party.

    2. Depends entirely on what system/mechanics are in effect here.

  6. So now she’s going to be an asshole to Dana as well, won’t she? 🙁

    1. More likely, she aims to be a ‘handler’ of sorts. And she hasn’t even delved into the others yet. This could get mighty interestin’ pretty soon. Could be the kiddos will prove too hot to handle.

  7. Templars are corpo? Damn that is a whole new level of creepy but it at least explains the “if he dies, he dies” attitude towards low lvl noobs. Hope Ysteena has really good insurance though, Dana is… Well we all know how Dana is by now and the others… Yeah, I can just imagine Ysteena talking with a goblin insurance rep about crazy things the gang did and how they are not covered under the policy.

  8. The secretary definitely has something going on though! That last panel…is she anxious for the party because of this interest? Maybe anxious that she’s going to be replaced?

    1. More likely, she has seen Ysteena use others and then dump then over the edge of a cliff, when unmarketable any longer. Thus she fears they are in deep, deep trouble as her mistress takes further notice of them.

    2. Perhaps because she knows she’ll be tasked with arranging cleanup after the inevitable “wayward” shenanigans.

    3. None of the party has skills that could replace a high grade Executive Assistant. Whatever the concern, it’s not for her position.

  9. A set of character sheets on the cast page would be a nice touch and go a long way to explaining what\’s going on with the party members…
    But if it might compromise the story line (read:spoilers) it wouldn\’t be that good an idea.

  10. Highly marketeable… Sounds like she\’s a pro pimp.

  11. The assistant’s expression says she’s going to be dealing with a mess her boss imposes on her again, at least that’s how I read things.

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