Elven 00153 | Return Of The Templar

Back into lockdown! Tbh it's just like normal, but no football in the weekends.

23 thoughts on “Elven 00153 | Return Of The Templar

  1. All hail the Couriers. (b^_^)b

  2. You always have to worry about finances. Of course, the real pack mules are Henchmen since they can only do what their employer has requested and usually have limited combat abilities, and usually only have abilities tied to finding and retrieval of things or just carrying stuff, combat-oriented henchmen are a bit of a rare specialization

    1. Especially combat-oriented henchmen who are worthy of the title, actually able to help in a fight at the level where the party can afford their service.

  3. Well, that would be all fine and good, except Tarin doesn’t really share the loot she finds. She tends to just sell it and pocket the cash.

    Well, it’s her loot anyway, she can do with it what she wants.

  4. Something tells me Ysteena was once a Pack Mule…

    1. From that look on her face in the last panel, I can\’t be sure if she has a major appreciation for \’pack mules\’ or money.
      The one gets you the other though.

    2. Either that or she just delights in their expedience at it relates to maximizing plunder and profit. Methinks Ysteena is the fantasy equivalent of a corporate raider.

  5. So Sohee is the name of the secretary, duly noted.
    So she’s a model student on the database but runs an illegal enterprise at the school; that’s Tarin all right.
    Ok I’m glad Ysteena respects the pack mules but I’m getting some major money hungry vibes from her right now.

    1. \’Business Model\” student 😉
      She seems to be making straight A\’s as a rogue and that\’s all the scholl really should care about
      alignment is irrelevant unless it affects your class, except for the \”no living sacrifices in the study hall\” part.

  6. Odins_Missing_Eye

    I would love to see the look on Tarin’s face if she heard herself being referred to as “model student”. Now, I didn’t get to attend Silverdawn High School, but when I tried to make a profit in my high school by selling stuff black market wise I got a very strong hint there would be stern repercussions if I didn’t stop effective immediately. 😀

    1. That’s because you got caught. Tarin hasn’t, and hearing that the school says she’s a model student would just confirm to her that she’s good enough at this to keep going, because she has not been caught.

      1. Odins_Missing_Eye

        Or she realised what I didn’t back then, being that any sysytem in control will allow a lot if they get their share of the innings 🙂

  7. I did not expect that reaction from her. Then again it could be personal experience, sheer business sense, or genuine respect for the burden they take on. Oddly it seems to be a mixture of all three.

  8. Looks like she invented the Keynesian economic model…

  9. RPGs with unlimited carrying capacity are blessed … I’d play them for years.
    RPGs with limited carrying capacity are cursed … I’d stop playing them as soon I had to start micromanaging my inventory.
    Makes me wonder why roleplaying games choose the wrong kind of inventory system.
    Most players are packrats who don’t know the difference between a worthless item and a quest item needed to save for later.

  10. I wonder how Ysteena wants to approach the team, because it seems she wants to get them to work for her corpo/guild/whatever. She will probably try through Cyprien… I do hope its Kauthris who negotiates the deal though, she seems to be best at negotiations and least susceptible to Ysteenas charm/bribery attacks (not immune, just less likely to fold like wet T-shirt).

  11. Sohee feels jealous/threatened.
    This could be intriguing.

    1. I don’t think it’s jealousy. From the looks on both their faces, I think there’s some very physical threatening going on here. Which tells me Ysteena is possibly in line for some ‘enlightenment’, a.k.a. poetic justice. Time to break out the popcorn.

  12. When I used to play WoW, my roommate used to log my character in, equip me with fancy backpacks and then use my character as a pack mule while I was at work. It was amusing to log in and never be sure of where I was or how I got four levels higher than the day before.

    You started a fun comedy/variety/University comic strip, & you are turning it into a cr@ppy Vast Conspiracy comic strip.
    Please do not ruin your own work.
    Paranoia is easy, comedy is hard.
    But comedy is Art.

  14. I dislike Ysteena even more now. Perhaps Sohee said something inappropriate, but Y.’s reply was excessively harsh it seems to me.

  15. *Exits Skyrim cave

    Lydia: Oh, look! A cave!

  16. In Destiny, these would be called…the mail service. Somehow they go down into the caves, ships, or extra-temporal realms where you left stuff behind and get it for you.

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