Elven 00154 | Return Of The Templar

Lockdowns, people escaping quarantine, floods, terrorist stabbings... it's all been rather dramatic this week in this corner of the world. But the new Pathfinder, Wrath of the Righteous is out and it's such a massive improvement on the first game. Apart from Nok-Nok, I miss the little runt.

17 thoughts on “Elven 00154 | Return Of The Templar

  1. Offhand, I’d say she’s paying her to be a narcissist’s punching bag, but that could be just a matter of perspective. Ysteena does seem to have some pretty good intel. Dying to see just what her game is.

    1. Only be willing to die if you have a backup copy, a save point, or a clone.

  2. I bet Kauthris is secretly Human who got Isekai’d

    1. I’m betting she’s secretly a goblin

      1. She might be doubling as someone else we know.

  3. hehe… Ysteena is kinda busty! 🙂 We approve!

    1. And I guess we can understand where her nipples are, thanks to those green dots.

      1. That’s not a dot, it’s part of that glowing cross she has on the centre of her chest piece.

      2. ‘snicker’.. and her shapely figure is just Begging for a hand to gently caress the small of her back… tee-hee!

  4. When she says she doesn\’t even have a photo, I figure it\’s a photo of her without her plague doctor\’s mask. Because there are photos of her right in panel 1.

    1. That was probably from when they were in that dungeon.

  5. the devil wears a bronze glowing armor with green glowing nipple dots

    1. Those are cunningly placed openings for her +5 nipple rings of distraction to work their magic on the weak of will (ie: men)

      1. I don\’t know why the downvote, it got her a nice shield 😉

        1. If you have a fair DM, or just one who likes a good laugh, it works too 😉 There were some goblins who at least died happy 😉


        2. I wouldn’t kick her out of my bed!

  6. Hmmm…. I wonder if the world of Elven has dark elves? Beautiful, accomplished, morally suspect.
    It fits Kauthris like a glove.

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