Elven 00159 | Return Of The Templar

Just a heads up, there will be no update next week. Gonna take a small break, haven't had one for like two years! Elven will return the following week. Thank you for reading, as always! n_n

26 thoughts on “Elven 00159 | Return Of The Templar

  1. Thank you for creating and sharing!

  2. It’s all about choices, Cyprien m’lad.

    1. Statistics. If the average life expectancy of squires is two weeks, and some of them live to ripe old age, then most of them die in minutes.That is well within “probably dies in the first week.” The numbers get better when you stop counting at “stops being a squire”, ie gets promoted, but maybe not all that much.

      Of course, failing to last as a squire doesn’t necessarily have to imply snuffing it. So there’s that.

  3. Ohhhhhh…….a singlar HOLY BIRD to the sky!!!! Wonder if there is any alignment shift???

    1. Some people must be grey so most brothers can stay white.

  4. They neutered him mostly because the order has a “pay it up” scheme – they don’t so much pay their recruits as they bleed them, from what I can see – it is a pyramid scheme, thus why the order is pissed about losing Cyprien. Ysteena, meanwhile, seems to look after her recruits fiscal well being, but as a result of this, has to be more selective about her recruiting habits.

    1. While I’m sure Cyprien will be paid better with Ysteena, she will also demand more from him as well. Still, better than being stuck on crap quests where you get paid little, get little xp, and are pretty much put into heavy debt with your organization.

      1. Plus, who wants to be stuck with rigid alignment all their life?

        1. That’s fine if you are able to live within that alignment. Cyprien obviously isn’t able to. He’s more chaotic than anything else.

    2. Depending on the nature of their religion, it’s probably more of a ziggurat scheme.

  5. Cyppy is discovering that the Order is a buncha jerks anyway.

    So I get the whole thing about not being drawn with eyes until this chapter: it\’s symbolic that he\’s getting to see how things actually are, he\’s gonna see the ugliness he had been blind to the whole time.

    1. Yeah, Ysteena may be using him for her own greed and such, but at least she’s pretty much going to allow Cyprien to thrive. The Cyan Cross wouldn’t have done that, they wanted him to be a good little drone and if he wasn’t they were going to pretty much ensure he couldn’t grow as a Templar.

  6. Oh, two weeks. That is so reassuring

    1. Two weeks is the average, some make it as far as three and others don\’t leave the interview alive 😉

      1. Our boy’s interview involved facing a boss spider and willingly taking a critical hit for a pal, so, yeah, that interview can be … fraught.

  7. lol, if he’s able to learn some survival/guts skill [aka surviving with 1 HP], the new skill he obtained would make him OP as heck.

  8. Hoo boy! Looks like it’s fixing to be Life in the Fast Lane for our dear Cyprien. Step lively and keep your wits about you, son, and you might live to tell your grandkids some great war stories. =)

    To ‘someone’: Thanks for the explanation for Cyprien’s eyes. Makes perfect sense now.

  9. I ship Sohee and Cyprien.

  10. The order is evil scum. He’s better off with the mercs, even if their initiation via suicide mission is unethical at least he knows where they stand. I’m curious though, where does their god stand, Lawful Neutral?

    1. Odins_Missing_Eye

      Neutral Uninterested

    2. You mean the Order or Ysteenas bunch? Order_ probably lawful something, Ysteenas – true neutral. Or at least thats the vibe Im getting, I might be wrong.

      1. With Ysteena, we’d need to get to know her more. Sure her recruitment method is borderline evil but that could be a result of her guild’s policy or she is picky because she’s had too many crappy squires and is now picky enough to only pick those that show potential. Being greedy is nothing bad as long as one isn’t too greedy and break their alignment. Considering that there is a Templar class that is chaotic, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a Neutral Templar class as well.

        The Order of the Cyan Cross look to be any kind of Lawful alignment really. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are Lawful Evil Templars and Lawful Neutral Templars there.

      2. I can\’t remember if I mentioned it before but I see TN as potentially the most \’evil\’ (depending on your interpretation of \’neutral\’)
        You could easily say that a TN has no compulsion toward good or evil or law or chaos, they just do what they need to do in order to get what they want.
        If that means doing something \’evil\’ then that\’s what they do, the concept of trying to find \’balance\’ doesn\’t make as much sense to me because you\’d be consciously choosing to do or not do something depending on whether or not it favours one \’side\’ over the other.
        Like \”we rescued two sets of orphans from evil cults this month, the next two sets have to die to bring balance\”, I don\’t see that group lasting long.

        Inevitably any discussion on D&D breaks down into one on alignments…inevitably 😉

        1. Generally, I see TN as ‘survivors’. They don’t pay attention to moral concerns, they just get along. They wouldn’t burn down orphanages but they’d not likely rush into a burning building to save anyone, either. If they do something heroic, it’s likely they expect some personal benefit from it.

        2. I usually list mine as \’chaotic unnecessary\’ 😉

  11. Random reader from like a decade ago

    Well I\’ll be damned.
    It\’s alive again.

    Good stuff.

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