Elven 00160 | Return Of The Templar

I have returned! n_n

14 thoughts on “Elven 00160 | Return Of The Templar

  1. Welcome back you are

  2. So Cyprien is going to want to become a full Templar as soon as he can. Having his powers removed at the whim of another mortal like himself is not a good thing.

  3. But I really wanna see chaotic fucktard!

    1. You gave me a hearty belly chuckle.
      Thank you!

  4. So, In this world, junior goodchucks get their abilities issued on a loaner basis by being attached to an Order or an individual high level priest(ess) or Paladin/Templar while those higher level ones have reached their nirvana and can put spell and feat requisitions in directly to the high power they follow, along with an extra issue to ration out to their acolytes to see what they do with them. Works as good as any other system.
    Especially if your patron deity is Yee-HAW !!! (the god of party hearty dudes and dudettes) πŸ˜‰

    1. Ysteena\’s (or is it Kymmie\’s ?) deity might be a little flexible when it comes to alignments πŸ˜‰


  5. Sohee is becoming one of my favorite secondary characters because of the snark😁

    1. She does seem just a wee bit inclined to poke the bear, doesn’t she? Bless her lil’ heart. =) Seriously though, that she’s not a total ‘yes man’ is pretty clear, and the fact that she’ll brave Ysteena’s ire so readily hints at a stone-sharpens-knife arrangement that speaks well of both of them. Loving this comic, BTW.

  6. May I just say how much I apricate your use of “Chaotic Fucktard”

    1. It’s unfortunate how often I’ve seen “Chaotic Fucktard” & “Lawful Goober” from the same character. They claim Lawful alignment when they want to “force” their character to to make a choice distasteful to the rest of the party, but otherwise have no code of conduct whatsoever.

  7. Not all of his powers come from Ysteena, since that spectacular crit in the cave didn’t.

  8. He’s suspicious … good.
    Lawful and good aren’t synonymous with stupid, naive, or even obedient. They’re often quite compatible with skeptical, if not cynical. Price of everything and value of nothing and all that.

    1. Finally, someone who doesn’t espouse the tired old trope that following the law and being good means you’re an idiot. Thank you.

      Also, recently found this comic and I’m finding it amusing and fairly original, at least enough that it’s not just another direct MMO/D&D themed comic relying too heavily on the source material that inspired it.

  9. OOOOh, sounds like there’s a story or two there. . .

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