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15 thoughts on “Elven 00161 | Argent

  1. Is someone getting a boyfriend?

  2. I think puppet is a pretty good description of what he is

    1. pOppet. It’s a flower and a pretty common pet name.

      Also a Voodoo-Esque doll from medieval folklore but I’d put money on her intending the flower.

    2. Think Pirates of the Caribbean I and the chase scene of Elisabeth Swann the the two dim-witted pirate buddies. (Wood eye!)

    3. “poppet” is an old word for doll. She’s effectivly saying “hey doll” when she talks to him

  3. She’s not looking too bad herself, frankly. =) Looking forward to the next bit of interaction. So much potential here.

  4. Small world, but I wouldn\’t want to paint it šŸ˜‰
    I wonder what her part in this has been from the beginning, keeping an eye out for potential recruits maybe ?
    Or is she the \’poppet valve\’ that routes the better ones by?
    \’Poppet\’ can mean a witch\’s doll, sort of like a voodoo doll, but one you can help them through instead of just poking pins in šŸ˜‰
    Or it might just be a local term of indearment like we saw in Pirates of the Caribbean…

  5. This might be funny. I hope she makes the “wtf how did you get those achievs and levels?” face.

  6. I guess a blue shirt is part of the Argent uniform for her department.

  7. I suspect she just calls everyone Poppet. The way a southern waitress calls everyone Honey.

  8. I’m thinking that the key word here is “SPIFFY. “

  9. How does she even recognise him without his armour?

  10. Iā€™m so happy to see her again! (Iā€™m not so sure Cyprien is, though.) šŸ˜‰

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