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  1. Accurate politics

  2. He’ll have to work hard for those 5k

  3. Dam he is going to have to work that off.

  4. It’s amazing how many legal documents are soluble in beer or liquid assets

  5. Honestly, it’s a bit ominous that she’s willing to sink so much money into getting him. That implies she expects a much greater return on the investment.

    1. That, or she’s so filthy rich that was pocket change to her.

      1. Or that’s her way of paying him back for that Unique Shield she stole from him during the goblin infestation.

  6. Umm…. yup, nothing says “lawful” like bribing someone to break the rules…

    Ysteena must have an absolute heart of gold under her dodgy chaotic evil-ish seeming exterior.

    Of course, if it truly is her guild (meaning she controls it), she could just change the rules. That would be the lawful way to go.
    So maybe the $5k is some kind of a bonus and/or bribery practice?

    Or, maybe it’s just a joke and I’m overthinking it.

    1. Lawful isn’t necessarily following the letter of the written law- it can also be following the SOCIAL law, or even just your own, personal code of conduct. Especially for a Lawful Neutral. Bribes are a thing, everyone knows about them, there’s a ‘standard amount’ for bribes, it’s an expected form of social contract…

      Also, characters aren’t LOCKED into their alignments, even Paladins. Especially if it’s in service to a larger goal, a character is allowed to go outside the bounds of their standard behaviour.

      1. There’s an entire subspecialty in economics, arising from the study of developing economies but applied even to Germanically honest governments about efficient bribery.

    2. I have a feeling that Ysteena’s alignment is true neutral, not chaotic evil … but we’ll see as the story develops.

    3. the rules were made for elves, not elves for the rules

  7. The God of Greed speaks.

  8. Awww, I hoped Cyp would stun her with Charisma check like on one of those cheap romance novels. On a side note Ysteena seems to speak Tarins language quite fluently…

    1. Given her defense of pack mules (153) it was already pretty clear that she approves of the pursuit of money.

  9. Curious about the MSDOS background?

    1. Technically it’s a Command Shell not the DOS Shell. And Command Shell could be a play on Ysteena.
      As she seems a little distant an unpersonal but is in Command.

      Btw in Windows press the Windows key and enter cmd, then you get the Command Shell as well.

  10. I\’m not so sure we should be considering Ystreena or even Cyprien as \’lawful\’, at least not in the strict D&D sense.
    \”Not evil\” doesn\’t necessarily mean \’good\’ or \’lawful\’ and he\’s a Templar not a Paladin, the only alignment restrictions for that might be \’not evil\’ and \’not too chaotic\’.
    Bringing negative press to the Order by starting a barfight probably transcends any alignment considerations in the eyes of the higher ups and referring to it as a way to discipline him was possibly just using the best tool available, we all know examples of \’the punishment doesn\’t exactly fit the crime, but it\’s what we can make stick\’…anyone who has had children does πŸ˜‰ He should have taken a plea bargain.
    Bribery isn\’t necessarily evil in itself, popes sold indulgences and every church takes a collection…
    Refer to the bribe as a \’consideration\’ and it\’s almost acceptable, if not expected, behaviour and it seems our quest arranger knows that πŸ˜‰

  11. Rules are there for a reason. To give me a side income

  12. I tried to post all day and it kept saying \’the website has a critical failure\’ but it looks like everyone else could o.O

    1. The site’s been a bit fishy lately, but I can’t replicate the issues which makes it difficult to debug. I’m fairly certain something messed up after the latest major wordpress update… T_T

      1. It gets annoying, I would have been the second to comment but had to wait and then it started saying \’critical failure\’ again after that post until now.
        Wordpress has always been like that, this isn\’t the first time or place I\’ve has trouble commenting.
        I don\’t like shilling for other sites but ComicFury seems to be fairly reliable and it shows everyone whenever you update right on their front page.
        I\’ve found a lot of good comics there and their comments are easy to use.

        1. I now suspect either the spam filter plugin, cookies disabled for WP login, some kind of adblock, or a mix of everything. I’ll try a different spam plugin and see if the issue goes away.

        2. I’ve been seeing this too: I haven’t been able to comment for a few pages now. Last time I noticed that not only did commenting give me the “error happened” page, but any link on the top menu bar (archives, about, cast etc.). All the endpoints would give me the same error page.

          I could comment this now (apparently), and the endpoints also work right now, so what you changed might have fixed it πŸ™‚ Fingers crossed.

        3. Just to help a bit with a bug report: I started stepping back page by page, looking for a comment thread. At page 151 I hit the error. Pages 152-162 still load, anything smaller is an error. And I _think_ even the “about” page glitched out at first, but I can open that now. I wonder if this is some rate limit, which would explain why others could comment while others could not (assuming that page 151 and lower load for other people). If that helps, I’m GeoIP-wise located in Hungary.

          Aaand my first attempt at posting this comment led to the “critical error” message. Had to wait 15 minutes for it to work.

        4. Thanks for your detective work, that page seems to be particularly buggy for no reason. Perhaps it’s the number of comments or nested comments.

  13. Besides, “Argent” means money in French ( as well as silver ) so she is following her Guild’s vocation

  14. We haven’t seen these ‘rules’. They could actually state specifically that shortages in standing may be addressed with gold. There might even be a tiered scale for such things. That would be very orderly.

    1. Why not, it used to be perfectly acceptable and even expected to buy Commissions in the British Army for cash and even today it seems to be the preferred method in many countries, either cash or promises. Promotions lately seem to be not so much based on what you CAN do as what you WILL do.

  15. So that’s why it’s called a “gild”!

  16. https://elven.co.nz/comic/elven-00054/
    “Guilds are restricted to level 10 or above”

    and in this page “the minimum for joining “a guild” rather than “this guild”. So it is a rule above the individual guild level. Which makes sense because otherwise a guild might drop it to level 9 to get more recruits, then some other guild might drop it to 8, etc.

  17. I love the artwork in the second panel!

  18. Cyprien is kinda cute

  19. Oh, that copper-haired girl is so sweet! I’m going to call her β€œCharma”! πŸ™‚

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