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  1. Woo-hoo! ‘Bout time you guys showed up again. And it look like Tarin’s found a kindred spirit! =) So how come she doesn’t look happy? Is this going to put a crimp in her oh-so-lucrative freelancing?=P

    1. She’s just jealous, no one bribed her!

  2. Kyaaaaa, bribes are the best

  3. Just think…by the time you die, you will almost have paid off the membership fees and the interest.

  4. I think she’s more in love with money than Tarin, if that’s possible.

  5. Damn, everyone looking mighty fine on this page, especially Tarin.

  6. Ysteena goes (for) broke.

  7. We are testing a new team concept where we bring in teams who work effectively together and show extreme promise to grow as functional resources.

    To this end we wish to incorporate this team which has completed a level 10 Quest.

    that’s how I would have spun it for the auditor.

    1. The auditor does not make the rules, but a) enforce the rules and b) get rich on bribes to sidestep the rules. So if you care so much about extreme promise, pay up. Accepting explanations rather than bribes is bad for business.

      It is possible that above the auditor are others who a) make the rules, and b) audit any auditors who are *not* very generous with “donations” to the cause. That way they can follow the rules to the letter, but still also profit when others dodge the rules.

  8. Oh, so that’s why Ysteena wanted Tarin; they need gold magnets like her to help fund their bribe campaigns.

  9. It’s not about what you know, but rather who you know, and how much you can bribe them to keep their mouth shut! XD

  10. Your first quest is to investigate rumours of corruption within the Auditor’s department, report your findings to me and nobody else.

  11. Your first task will be to investigate disturbing but persistent rumours of corruption within the Auditor’s Department…
    Report your findings to me and to me alone.

  12. What could possibly go worng.

    I know, the incredebly frustrating critical error every time I try to post a comment. That´s what could go wrong

  13. “Meet the new team, same as the old team…” 😉

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