Elven 00164 | Argent

13 thoughts on “Elven 00164 | Argent

  1. Looks like everyone got a bit of a makeover, I like it

  2. There was a gearing up montage off camera. A pity we missed it!

    1. He could still do it, I mean, that’s what flashbacks are for. 😄

  3. Nice save, there. Heh. =)

    1. Cyprien did not think so from the look he’s giving Kauthris in the last panel

  4. Yes Tarin looks amazing, but are we just going to ignore Dana’s new outfit or Kauthris’s new … new … actually, has Kauthris changed at all?
    (also I think Kauthris’s character tag got messed up in the upload)

  5. Some seem to have moved on more than others

  6. All the characters are fantastic, but Kauthris is still my favourite, she’s the kind of cleric/healer I like to play 🙂
    “You got an owie ? Let me see…ooohhh that’s gonna cost, cash or conversion ?”

  7. Wow, instant post with no ‘type this word in’, someone cast “cure serious glitches” 🙂

    1. But it looks like typing this one erased the first one ?

  8. WEBSITE ISSUE: When looking for archive pages I keep getting blank pages with a Critical Error message. Is anyone else seeing this?

    1. I am also getting this, it sucks, thought it was a issue with me

    2. Can you see what happens if you turn on/off your ad-blocker? That’s the only thing I can think of.

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