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  1. what better way to secure ones roll as a chaos guardian than getting fucked up on a work night?

  2. Wait, wait wait! I did not realise just how much leg Dana and Tarin’s new outfits show. I was not ready.
    Tarin bowing? I guess it makes sense since Ysteena is her boss now.
    I’m willing to bet Kauthris’s sex moans would sound like an 18th century Mills and Boon novel.

    1. Ooh, yeah. Dana’s all kinds of fine in that second panel. And Ysteena is still rockin’ that hair in the first one. Get with the program, Cyprien. You’ll be bragging to your children’s children about this one, trust me.

    2. I think Tarin recognizes Ysteena as a Sensei in Moneygrabbing-do, which as we know she follows religiously. Or she tries to seem like a polite young miss to her Boss, its a coin toss really.

  3. Hold on for just a few moments… Cyprien now has an official team of 3 hot girls, being “under” another hot hot paladin?! When did this comic turn into a harem story?

    *cough* not that i mind *cough*

  4. Another bar fight? Not sure Ysteena’s diety has _that_ much lenience to pass around…

    (And the site’s still been flaky; haven’t been able to comment again for a few strips.)

  5. Ooooo debauchery, we haven’t seen that in a while. And, the three girls should be feeling VERY grateful to Cyprien for their new status.

  6. I see the Darkest Dungeon affliction over there in the left.

    1. Not an affliction symbol. An Inspiration.

  7. Given the way Kauthris throws herself into things, I’m kind of wondering if her version of ‘unbridled’ comes with a bridle….and a riding crop πŸ˜‰

    1. I’ll bet a donut it comes with grilled cheese lol

      1. I just hope she takes her helmet off before getting debauched, otherwise that beak could do some serious damage.

  8. Love the outfits Dana and Tarin are wearing. It’s interesting that Tarin is the one getting all formal and bowing — she is the Rogue after all, and Kauthris is ready to throw down and party! She’s been so sedate up to now.

    So the board wants to talk about her “spending”, Sohee? Why do I feel like she’s trying to reel her boss in and let her make the big decisions. She keeps trying, after all. Sohee better be careful that Ysteena doesn’t rein her in too hard for stepping out of line.

    P.S. That WordPress error has been popping up when trying to post a comment, too.

    1. Actually, given Tarin’s usual manner, that bow seems all the more profound. Very classy.
      Also, today’s look-up had the cells displaying as individual pages. Way nice!

  9. Love the new site layout! The best part is comments working now :’) <3

    1. Glad you like it, I probably broke a bunch of other things now…

      1. Clicking around the only things I’ve found so far are that
        1. I can’t find a way to reply to comments on mobile (it works fine on desktop)
        2. Ads don’t fit into the width of the page on mobile, and I can’t zoom out or scroll to see them, they just seem to be truncated.
        3. The RSS feed seems empty, but it’s likely that this was just reset and will be filled with posts going forward.

  10. What, a full-face vertical scroller on my desktop?

    That’s taking tablet-itis a little too far. :/

    1. The new site is brand new, and this webtoons-like vertical layout wasn’t here an hour ago or so. It might be temporary or a bug, I’d wait to see if it sticks.

    2. I’m not liking the long scroller layout, either. It feels quite unnatural on a desktop. Otherwise, great comic. But please consider giving us an option between styles.

      1. Sorry to hear that, I had to abandon the old format as it was becoming very restrictive to draw in. There are simply too many issues, from text taking up whole panels, to art being cropped and scaled down just to cram in as much as possible into the old 1×4 panel layout. It’s simply too constraining and the quality suffers as a result. I hope you understand! n_n

        1. I suspected this was the case, even though I was hoping it wasn’t πŸ™‚ It does look pretty clumsy on desktop: with my current resolution I can’t fit a single panel on the screen, I have to scroll through (or zoom out) with all this empty space next to the page.

          That being said, I’m just happy to see your comics for free in whatever format you’re comfortable creating them. Thanks for the fun!

        2. I get it. The layout for desktop is awkward, but I’ll try to keep up. A good comic is still a good comic, and you had me hooked after “Who are you and why do you sound like a thesaurus crawled up your ass and died?” 😁
          (Maybe what might help the desktop UX is if the page navigation controls aren’t only anchored at the bottom of the comic. Maybe also put them in the top menu as well?)

        3. I can see that four panels a week isn’t cutting it for trying to tell a story, rather than gag-a-week. For switching formats I do suggest working on panel layouts and on putting a story on full pages. Right now all that’s happened is going vertical, which is a drag to read: Panels actually too large for the content, lots of work to read, poor fit to desktop. That means you’re focusing full on “mobile”, and so prone to lose the desktop readership. Since, you know, this just isn’t fun to scroll through on a desktop.

          If you prefer sticking to this half-a-format, consider doing a horizontal and a vertical version and provide easy switching between the two. A d. and a m. next to www. perhaps.

  11. Is anyone getting a vertically scrolling view, rather than the panels all fitting on one page so you can read it immediately? I’ve gone back to the start, and all the pages have gone like that.

    1. Yeah it’s the new format going forward. A lot of the new stuff just doesn’t fit anymore on the old panels.

      1. You know, there’s gonna be a lot of complaints, but I’ve been reading the comics here and on Webtoons for a while now, and I think perhaps it would be best for the comic to go with the vertical format. There’s a greater depth of detail, and the separation makes things clearer and easier to understand. (A full-length image of Ysteena? ) It was nice having a quick reference in the 1×4 strip, but the vertical format is more supportive of artistic presentation. Fear not, we’ll get accustomed to the change. I’m not giving up Elven for anything.

  12. Dr. K. P. when it’s time to have a bit of fun! πŸ˜‰

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