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  1. Oh, Dana. That’s not necessarily the booze talking, but be careful sweetie. ‘Pride goeth’ and all that.

  2. Really not a fan of how the new site looks on PC. It’s not so much the vertical layout, but more how much screen estate it takes up – I can barely fit one panel on my screen!

    1. It’s both for me. I loathe vertical layouts, making the real estate so big you can barely fit a panel on the screen just makes it more loathsome.

      1. Welp, this layout is a choice and not webtoons forcing a format change like it has on so many other. So I’m out. I despise webtoons vertical format. Yeah yeah. author’s choice. Well, I get my choice too.

        1. Bye.

    2. You can make the content of the site smaller with holding CTRL on your Keyboard and mouse wheel down.

      1. For me, it’s that the comic is too narrow and creates issues viewing on my browser. It’s visible but just very awkward.

        1. This only works if you have a mouse wheel which most laptops don’t have unless you want to lug around an extra bit. You can do CTRL+(plus/equal) or CTRL+(minus) to zoom but I frankly find that a clunky mechanic.

          What I find annoying is this fixing of things that no one was complaining about. Not once have I seen a comment that someone wanted this format when we had the other format. All because some market research someplace said this is better. BS.

          I personally don’t care for the vertical read even on my phone. I like seeing more than one panel at a time! There is less scrolling back and forth to see all of the detail. In this excessively zoomed vertical format, the lines are stair stepped to my eyes, but fixing that would just make everything blurry which isn’t a win either.

          This comment box that has everything spread apart for easy phone typing is annoying too since I have to scroll back up to see what I typed a sentence or two ago.

      2. Even doing that – why would I want to(?) it’s a grind to scroll through the comic then you hit and can’t read the comics. Making your comic a pain to read easily isn’t a good tactic if someone was invested in characters.

  3. I love the new layout of the site.

  4. I suppose the new vertical layout is optimized for scrolling on phone screens. I still web surf on a desktop monitor. It would be great to have the old horizontal layout as an option.

  5. I was sure that in the 3rd? panel they were already under the table slamming the glasses on the top.
    I can’t be sure of the numbering though because I abolutely detest vertical scrolling pages like this, they’re so hard to follow 🙁
    Love the comic, hate the new layout, but that’s just me.
    Looks like Dana’s about to find out why they call it ‘truth juice’…

    1. Yeah, hate this layout!

  6. I think I see part of the problem *glares at the webtoons link at the top of the page*
    I may have missed out on many very good comics from link-lists because their url had ‘webtoons’ in it.
    I flatly refuse to even go to see what they look like because I know it’s going to hurt just trying to follow the page.

    1. The webtoons link was there before, with a vertical version of the comics a few weeks late compared to the main site, if memory serves. MateKiddleton explained in comments under the previous page that the traditional layout was too constraining.

      1. It may have been, but it wasn’t and still isn’t in the URL and the page was readable not the oversized, drawnout, painful to read mess it is now.

        I’m not blaming the artist, it might be the format you have to use when you list with that group and it just took until now for it to catch up 🙁

        I have absolutely nothing to do with this site, or any web company of any sort, but the format in general use at ComicFury is so much more readable and their main update page shows every comic as it puts out new pages too so you never miss any 🙂

        More importantly, their comments section works too and I don’t have to reload the page a half dozen times until one ‘takes’.
        This ‘critical error’ message is becoming annoying…

        1. No, I think there’s a misunderstanding here. This website is one thing, and webtoons is another. This site _and also webtoons_ hosts these comics. Webtoons does indeed have a vertical scrolling layout enforced, as far as I can tell from previous experience as a reader. This isn’t the case for this website: the artist has complete freedom over its contents.

          As you probably know the website went through a redesign last week. The layout change here was a part of that. The vertical scrolling format was a choice made by the artist to better match their workflow and artistic plans (see also the previous strip’s comment section, as I said). As far as I can tell the only relation to webtoons is that they can just upload the same format to webtoons without any additional work (which is just a perk, rather than a motivator for the change).

          Comments “not taking” might be due to a moderation filter on comments. I usually have to wait several hours when I leave a comment for them to appear; I assume because an admin has to give each one a green light (I think I’ve even seen a “your comment is awaiting moderation” note somewhere before). And I’m in a very different time zone from NZ.

          “Critical error” sounds real bad: that was a thing with the old wordpress site. I got it all the time before the site redesign, it often blocked me from leaving coments. But it seemed to have gone away for me since. Did you run into it with the new website? That’s not great.

  7. WHAT’S WITH THE NEW LAYOUT ??? Now you can’t copy it anymore since the panels are cut to pieces like at a bad manga site !!! I wouldn’t mind the panel becoming vertical if it stayed as one block but if it remains in several badly-chopped blocks I’ll have to regretfully stop reading it.

    Fear my wrath XD

    1. What is your use case for copying the strips?

      1. sorry for not answring earlier but the site bugged everytime I tried.

        use case= ? jpg if that’s what you mean

  8. Bug report: the RSS feed is still empty 🙁 That’s where I always find updates, so I hope you’ll be able to fix it eventually. (I went out of my way to check on the comic manually, because I suspected the RSS might be off.) Thanks!

    1. Ok so this is kind of a roundabout way to do it. Go to elven.co.nz/comic/. Then go to your RSS feed plugin on your browser and look for Elven >> Comics Feed. That is the one you want. Alternatively you can just enter https://elven.co.nz/comic/feed into your RSS feed plugin. I have no idea why the subscribe button stopped working, and when it stopped. I’ve just removed it for now until I can figure out what’s up. WordPress is driving me mental lol.

      1. Ah, I was using `https://elven.co.nz/feed` (without the `/comic` endpoint), which is what the Subscribe button used to point to earlier (when the site redesign was very fresh).

        The new link works like a charm, thank you 🙂

  9. There are a lot of webcomics that I read and have made the commitment to read for some time. The creators have decided to change the layouts close to the end of the year in ways that have been a grind to read when you’re used to easier formats. I’m now seriously deciding if I’m going to continue in 2022. This, sadly for the characters, is one.

  10. The third panel is a good example why the vertical format is better. There are three interesting things going on, as well as two separate conversations. Granted, Cyprien seems to be talking to no one in particular, but that works. I’d kinda like to know what Tarin and Kauthris are talking about. There’s a lot of squawking going on about the new format, but oddly little praise. I think this might be because usually with a change comes dissension. Other than liking the deeper detailing and understanding the artist needs this, there’s not much I can say. I hear that quite a number are angry because they feel they should have been consulted. Nope. While MK listens to the readers, MK is still the final authority over Elven. Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing with us. (PS I may be Sev’s greatest fan. I love a redhead.)

    1. I think that’s the fourth panel, by my count (the one where you can see all of them at the table)
      …but, there’s nothing in there that works better being vertical verses any other format. I see panels like that much more often in traditional comic layout than I do in vertical layout.

      That said, I care not for the layout one way or another. Sure, a lot of these “easier for phones!” stuff makes it nigh-impossible to read properly on a phone, but I’m on a desktop with a decent sized screen so I can see everything anyway.

    2. I’m thinking only the complainers are gonna bother posting. Those of us that support MK are just gonna sit back and enjoy his work.


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