Elven 00167 | Elves Gone Wild

7 thoughts on “Elven 00167 | Elves Gone Wild

  1. Doesn’t smell like mafia at all :’D

    1. If so, Tarin just landed herself a GOLDEN networking opportunity! No more standing curb side petty potion pushing or sex toy pedling for our girl!

  2. Oho! Now, we’re talkin’. =) Gotta think the Ex and his new squeeze are going to start seeing some ‘rub it in’ on their own socials in the not too distant future. =)

  3. Maybe Argent pays for the VIP room as a ‘perq’ for their members ?
    Like corporations buying boxes at sports arenas or concerts ?
    It’s hard to tell though, I can’t follow the story with this miserable layout.
    If you need it for phoines, then make a seperate page for ‘mobile’, others do.

    1. Yeah, the layout is a bit tricky. I’ve found that it works best if you start at the top and work your way down all the way to the bottom, reading everything as you progress. It’s worked for me so far.

  4. Wonder how he spotted Argent on them. And Cyprien, why the f*** are you questioning this? You’re Argent, you signed on with Ysteena, just go with it.

    1. Kinda getting the impression that Cyprien does not adapt quickly or easily to changes in his routine, and although he was not well treated at his previous outfit, it provided a sense of security because of its fairly rigid structure. That, or he’s a perennial stick in the mud. Only time will tell.

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