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9 thoughts on “Elven 00168 | Elves Gone Wild

  1. Don’t let all those two dollar words get to you, Cyprien. Just know it wasn’t aimed at you.

  2. Been reading and enjoying this comic since the beginning. If you haven’t heard it often enough, the vertical layout really sucks.

    1. There seems to be a faction war. People like us who hate the format, and the increasing – previously silent group who are turning up to specifically say they love it. Really got to question if they read the comic before or have been spurred to support this mess because you’ve made a legitimate point.

      1. Legitimate is apparently in the eye of the beholder. That previously silent faction is showing up because the constant whining from people that theoretically like the comic has become overbearingly obnoxious.

  3. I like the vertical scroll. I spend my time reading comics, and enjoy story telling, character development, and interesting visuals. You have all three, and the visual elements are enhanced with the larger format available in the vertical scroll. And I’m not invested in taking a dump like a child when my blankie isn’t hanging over my left shoulder.

  4. I like the larger format. Easier to read.

  5. Truth is I’ll keep reading the comic as long as it keeps posting, unless it becomes a small uninteresting single panel. The one thing I’d like to see changed is putting the TWC button near the top. This is one of the seven comics I visit daily to hit the like button, and the current placement means I have to see the comment section.

  6. I’m gleaning that much of this debate must center around what size viewing screen is being used, and what else is being simultaneously displayed on it. I’ve read the comic both ways, and I’m really fine with either format, but I’m viewing it on a laptop with a 15″ screen, and for whatever reason, the sidebars are not encroaching on the picture. It does preclude taking in the whole sequence at a glance, but at my age, it’s nice to be able see the characters in ‘big print’. Mate, I gotta say, I’m enjoying this comic immensely. The snark and irreverence is delightful in this age of “Ooh, you can’t say that, ’cause some one will take offense”. I’m game for whatever format makes it easiest for you to keep bringing the content.

  7. I personally really do NOT like the new format. And the RSS feed has been broken since it was put in place. 🙁

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