Elven | Christmas 2021

Happy holidays everyone! Elven will return next year! n_n

6 thoughts on “Elven | Christmas 2021

  1. Ditto! Best wishes to you in ’22!

  2. Messy Kwyznuz to one and all!

  3. Mele kalikimaka

  4. Merry Christmas to the Elven gang!

  5. I’ve heard of ‘elf on a shelf’ but ‘cute in a boot’ ?

  6. Hey. Happy Holidays. All of them. I choose Hallowe’en + happy birthday day, which means scary disguises with plenty of adult drinks. While not a fan of the vertical layout (as I use. a computeraptop, and don’t use a computer telephone to view these things) I guess it’s okay if it helps more people?
    Next week I choose Cinco De Mayo + Hallowe’en 2 – Secret Hallowe’en – slightly scarier because you don’t expect it!
    Thank you for Elven!
    [Excuse any uncought tp.

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