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Happy new year everyone! n_n

10 thoughts on “Elven 00169 | Elves Gone Wild

  1. Happy new year! OMG that was just precious XD

  2. So, he didn’t work his way through 17 hidden menus to find the privacy setting?

  3. How do you know there’s a Paladin in the room ?
    Don’t worry, he’ll tell you 😉

    Love the punchline, still hate the format.

    Try and have a better year this year than any other one before it

  4. Dana might be a little ‘perky’ but I still don’t know how they got perks from ‘perquisites’ it’s usually spelt ‘perqs’ up here in, or it was until spelling and grammar became optional, but then again we spell a lot of things differently 😉
    Not trying to correct anyone, just pointing out the little changes that have crept into the language over the years 😉 ‘perks’ seems to be the most accepted spelling nowadays even if that meaning isn’t in the dictionary.
    As a former politician once claimed when pressed about taking everything that wasn’t nailed down when he lost re-election “I’m entitled to my entitlements”

    1. I blame it on cell phones and texting. The hell with spelling and grammar, it’s all about how fast you can type and how much you can say with so few characters. I hear that some now communicate only with emojis!

  5. So, Cyprien, if that cute little waitress slips you her number, just pass it on over to me, will ya? I think you’re gonna be way too busy, pretty soon.

  6. Given the various expressions, I’d say Ysteena’s sponsorship has just catapulted Cyprien about ten or fifteen rungs up the ladder in social status. And, typical of Cyprien, I don’t think he’s quite come to grips with that yet. His buds on the other hand seem to be much quicker on the uptake. This promises to be so much fun. =)

    1. Dana unobservant to things that might get her free drinks and attention ? Never happen 😉

  7. I understand the totties whispering happily and excitedly, but why are the jocks sweating? Is it because Cyprien is Chaotic they fear that he will rip one of their arms off and beat them to death with it? Or – worse – challenge them to naked wrestling in the mudpits?

    1. Maybe, but it’s more likely because all their hot prospects for the evening just got preempted.

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