Elven 00171 | Elves Gone Wild

18 thoughts on “Elven 00171 | Elves Gone Wild

  1. I knew it was going to be weird, but this direction was not in my top five.

  2. OK, this was freakin’ hilarious. I didn’t see this coming either. Well played milady. . .

  3. I wonder if she charges by the hour?

    1. My guess, at least in Cyprien’s case, would be by the minute.

    2. I had a girlfriend by the name of Elsie. We used to rent four sordid rooms in Chelsea. She wasn’t what you’d call a blushing flower. as a matter of fact, she rented by the hour!

  4. So, her middle name is not Discretion?

  5. Something tells me he didn´t expect that

  6. So I guess Tarin can also tap that tonight, if she’s willing to invest…

    1. She is a rogue and she wouldn’t be paying the costs herself … it’d almost be like being a member of a government! TNSTAAFL

  7. Kauthris is adept in treating ‘syphillis’, he should still maybe get her to give him a checkup just in case he got something he didn’t pay for 😉

  8. Cyprien sits back down with the group
    Cyprien: Gang, I think I just got tricked.
    Danalach: Whatever. As long as she paid you in full and I get ma cut I don’t care.
    Cyprien: Come on!

  9. So many questions now. Did Yseteena actually request this? If so, does she do that often? If not, is this chick in trouble? Either way, does Cyprien dare go back in right now? And if he does. will Tarin try to hunt that chick down? And would Sev remember where she’d seen her before? Or with whom?

    1. Also, what are the odds that Ysteena will overlook my earlier typo?

    2. Think you’re supposed to come away with the fact that Ysteena has a tab with a hooker. She saw the profile above his head that told her that Ysteena’s is his supervisor so probably just decided she could just charge Yseena’s tab. The Q is, does Ysteena partake or is it normal for her underlings to charge her tab? 🙂

  10. Oh no! Oh, Cyprien. How are you gonna explain this? [snicker]

  11. Here’s where you decide to either argue that it was a trick and should be free or pay because you plan to come again.

  12. Never mind any of that, just give me her phone number, please!

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