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9 thoughts on “Elven 00172 | Elves Gone Wild

  1. Say what you will, our Cyprien is a straight-up class act. Sev, are you taking notes?

    1. Too true. When Dana grows out of her dumb band-groupie phase in a few years, she’s going to be absolutely kicking herself for friend-zoning Cyprien.
      / Assuming they live of course. For all its charms, Argent seems like a literally brutal work experience. Still not sure if this story is going to have them survive it

  2. Good Guy Cyprien.

  3. Cyprien you are lifting dead weight, that’s why they always feel heavier.

  4. Cyprien is showing the Good side of him being Chaotic Good 🙂
    Or at least CN.
    I agree – Sev will scoop him up and Dana will be kicking herself for letting a Good Guy Go for the rest of her extensive elven lifespan …

  5. You need a vote incentive.

  6. Oh Goddess, I’m gonna say it. Ugh. I ship Cyprien and Severena. {gag}
    Seriously, Sev got a little green-eyed there. She’s got the inside track, maybe she should take the shot?

  7. I wonder if Hero boy and Red are going to smash? Looks like she is looking at him differently now. Everyone knows woman like a valuable man and he is starting to look valuable.

    1. As Chris Rock put it, “the secret to getting a girlfriend is … get a girlfriend!”

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