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17 thoughts on “Elven 00174 | A New Week

  1. Damnit, not going to reveal Kauthris behind the mask today?

  2. Threatening a weaker person ?
    On school property ?
    Sticking their noses into her extortion racket ?
    This can’t go unpunished !!

    1. Our heroine here is Lvl7.
      Just saying – level SEVEN.
      She evokes “muscle rogue casts FIST!” and smears the Three Shits on the ceiling.
      BTW – what sort of depravity is this? She’s in the girls’ loo, yet there are blokes there!

    2. Or at least can’t be allowed to continue without a cut of the take

    3. I don’t really perceive Tarin as having an extortion racket per se, but almost anything can be an exploitable opportunity with her, so there are any number of ways this could spin and still be in character for her.

  3. I’d like to see Kauthris too. And how can anyone get away with beating someone up in school?

    1. LOL!
      I take it that you’ve never been in education?

      1. 1. Become a scholteacher.
        2. Get away with anything.
        At least, that’s how they did it when I was a poor struggling student.

  4. I’d like to see Kauthris too.
    How will the three weasels get away with beating up someone in school?

  5. Aaaand here we go! =)

  6. Another thought – I imagine Tarim as much more CN than Cyprien (who tends to CG), hence the bullied elfling is no skin off her nose – yet our Fallen Templar or “He Who Puts Himself Between A Fatal Blow and the Not Girlfriends He Protects” might be rubbing off on her …

    As to “I can’t remember shit” – I remember coming across a fanfic starting with “She woke up to a delightlfuly sore hoohaa”.

  7. At first I thought our heroine was smokin’ in the boys’ room, but the lads are bullying in the girls’ room.
    While I don’t approve, I do note that each activity is highly traditional.

    1. Yup.
      Bullied in girls’ room = pee-pee fall off.
      It is known.

  8. Please have her stop smoking. It is the most disgusting thing here. (might as well develop an addiction to raw sewage)

    1. The Wyrm Ouroboros

      Or, you know, not, and she’s a girl of multiple recognizingly-bad habits.

    2. She’s not smoking, it’s ‘organic vaping’ 😉
      Besides, everyone knows that elven anatomy thrives on combusted plant material, they need it to grow stong and healthy 🙂

    3. As someone with asthma, I habitually avoid smokers and hold my breath when near them. I still don’t see any problem with smokers in fiction. It suits her character, and unless this is going to turn into a serious, thinly veiled cigarette ad (which it’s obviously not) I’m not about to have a problem with it.

      Stop getting worked up and raising a fuss about fictitious characters having their vices. I find this morality policing of fiction very off-putting, and it often gets in the way of good writing.

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