Elven 00175 | A New Week

17 thoughts on “Elven 00175 | A New Week

  1. So… she’s a corrupt cop. Excellent protective camouflage. And who knows, she might be nicer than we thought.

  2. Oh my goodness, another poor soul smitten. I think Tarin could have herself a reverse harem if she wanted one.

    1. Hasa Diga Eebowai

      If you think her harem wouldn’t also have girls in it you haven’t been paying attention.

  3. 0.5% discount, that must mean that she is madly in love with him, right?

  4. GYAA!
    Tarim Sempai noticed me!

  5. That little streak of blue from Tarin’s eye hints at some kind of unusual powers. Are we likely to find out anytime soon what those might be?

    1. It’s the beginning of “Summon Prefect”

  6. I’m betting the purple glint is a cantrip, or a potion. She’s more the wit, speed and subterfuge girl, and using special FX to underscore a threat is just the kind of power multiplier she uses, to keep her true strengths a surprise.

  7. So, does this school officially use uni-sex washrooms? Very progressive, especially for High School (with all the hormones and such)!

  8. BTW – is Blondie particularly tall? He seems to tower over Tarin …
    I do not recall Tarin being particularly petit compared to All Those Other Girls.

  9. Bully victim has different ears than other elves here?
    Have we seen such ears before?

    1. I will answer myself 🙂
      The lady Not Templar who owns the Guild has such dainty ears.
      And that dude looks like a girl …

      1. Too true, and wouldn’t it be a hoot if this kid was related to Ysteena? =)

      2. The bullies seem to be referring to the kid as ‘im, but I wouldn’t want to their observational skills

        1. “want to trust….” (Note to self, proof read you twerp)

  10. Protecting victims is just good business – a grateful customer is a repeat customer

  11. Twerpy-chan is having a formative moment there. Kinda hard to blame him though, Tarin IS awesome.

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