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19 thoughts on “Elven 00177 | A New Week

  1. Yes!! Woot for the both of them. Not that it’s a big surprise or anything, but still. Two thumbs up. =)

  2. Woot! RSS is alive once more!

    1. piperka.net can be your friend here.

  3. Well, maybe chugging all those Bull’s Strength pots worked. Or he’s just a wiry little powerhouse. Either way Severena has a discerning eye. Must not have used WIS as her dump stat.

    1. He is a melee fighter/tank. Strength is a must.
      Wisdom and Intelligence, on the other hand …

  4. The writing is backwards on that canned drink. Is this going to be important later on? Could it be be-spelled?

    1. “15% real mana!”

      It should be magical alright.

      1. Sounds like those 15% juice drinks. Where it’s mostly sugar water and additives.

    2. The real question is why is the writing mirrored? Did the author just flip the image horizontally without fixing the text? Because I’m having a hard time seeing how that kind of writing would be read by Dana.

  5. What’s that Minecraft meme … you cannot put loyalty onto a hoe … choose wisely.

    PS, continual “comment is required” error.

    1. Do you know how you eventually got the comment to show up?

      1. Tried with multiple web browsers, until I turned off the adblocker on FireFox and it worked.

        1. Issue should be resolved now. I might fiddle around with the cache settings so new comments show up immediately rather than after a few refreshes.

          So the problem with the “Comment is required” bug was with the site theme plugin, even though their code looked solid. Comments not showing up immediately was the cache setting on the site host itself, and not wordpress which is why none of my changes to cache settings in wordpress made any difference

  6. So presumably this comment should go through then? I kept getting the error but didn’t have a way of contacting you off the site but you know. I am not on social media. Facebook has repeatedly shown itself not to be a good steward of my data so I don’t give it any more. I wish everybody else would realize that. Privacy and personal information are slightly like virginity in that once you start giving it up you can’t get it back

  7. I am seeing one issue now. The individual comment don’t have reply buttons. So I guess the the new thing you put in is single threaded. I would rather have the ability to comment though. Have you thought about using a service like discuss?

    1. The reply button only seems to appear on web, so that’s the only workaround for now. Support is sorely lacking for the theme plugin. Disqus was pretty good until it started spamming intrusive ads on readers.

      1. Yeah, that was pretty disqusting

  8. Why buy a book when the town has a library?

  9. Going to classes to LEARN??! Who knew?

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