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  1. But what fun would that be without the sparkling lights?

  2. I thought she looked more attractive before adding the glamour. Guess I have bad taste?

    1. Not at all, i thought the same. Unless we both have bad taste…

    2. Pre-spell she looked less unhealthily skinny. So yes, better without the glamour πŸ™‚

    3. Okay then. Now, who gets to tell her we all think she’s hotter without her magic. (slips out of the room quietly)

    4. The longer hair changes her style, but isn’t more attractive. The sparkles are probably a plus. (I imagine it represents the effect of someone twinkling at you when you flirt with them.) The legs/crotch look terrible, though.

      1. The legs looked the same before and after other than the sparkles.

      2. Nay, I say. Sev totally kills it with the long tresses. That change alone is enough to best Senior Girl, IMHO. I have to admit though, Sev is a total babe even without the glamour.

  3. Mana maketh woman. Or not, as the case may be.

  4. What a broken spell … in most game systems, a spell with a non-instantaneous duration does not continue to consume mana after casting it.

    1. I like the “maintaining illusion eats mana” feature. Nerfs magic which is usually OP.
      Naturally, IMO the best magic system is WFRP 2nd ed – there casting a spell could kill the caster πŸ™‚

      1. All the same, it should be eating every turn (about 10 seconds or so) rather than every second. Or better yet, every 30 seconds. That’s nearly an hour of use which you could possibly use to run a simple scam. “Oh no, Clark Kent is not Superman, look he’s over here (Supergirl).”

  5. Yeah, I couldn’t notice a difference beyond longer hair and sparkles. Maybe she simply associates that with looking good.

    Honestly, it’s a minor illusion spell that should be cantrip level unless it actually has some active impact on her charisma. Heck, maybe she’s just a low enough level student of magic that even cantrips drain her quickly but I’d have expected Dana’s familia to drain mana much faster than that spell seems to have done.

    1. Rule of cool πŸ™‚
      Severena is stated to have high grades. Maybe she is like Louise in Familiar of Zero, i.e. high on magical theory but low on casting ability?

      1. Yeah, Dana is noted as having a proficiency in Pyrokinesis and Summoning. It certainly feels like there’s more to casting than sheer knowledge and understanding. Dana appears to just have a natural affinity for some magic, even if she doesn’t have a good deal of understanding. Like someone who has read about sailing but just can’t seem to apply the knowledge to sail effectively compared to someone that hasn’t read but is able to simply “get” the concepts of wind in the sheets, pushing from an angle and tacking to sail up wind.

        We also have those first pages casting a fireball but although she initially incantated for it, she just adjusted her arm without an incantation the second time. Then she casts the Scorching Ray on spiders without an incantation and Tarin questions how she cast a spell, not only above her spell level but without a spell book present.

        For DND that feels like Dana might be a warlock or maybe sorceress. But this obviously isn’t DND with mana pools and such. It’s equally possible that her mana potion addiction has had some strange impacts on her. I remember Cyprien noted she’s downing more than 3x what a war mage would.

      2. I imagine high intellect just affects how easily you can pick up spells, how many spells you can learn, and the strength of the spells. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sev has a very high intellect by default as a genius and pumped up her intellect anymore. I imagine another stat like constitution affects things like one’s mana pool since using all of her mana caused Sev to get tired.

        Going with this reasoning, this could be why Dana isn’t drained completely of her mana when she has her familiar out. She could’ve heavily invested in constitution or whatever stat spell casters use to affect the size of their mana pool.

        1. Quite possibly. It could all be completely normal, but I feel like the comic has hinted in enough places that it’s unusual to think there’s some background or plot to be uncovered in the future.

  6. I think Sev might be jealous. Good for Cyprien, he needs some good karma after all these years as the butt monkey.

  7. Contrast Sev’s expression with Dana’s in that first cell. Wouldn’t have thought it, but it’s possible Sev is the jealous type. There could be a mage/cat fight in the near future.

  8. This just occurred to me…Sev needs to practice casting more and level up. A glamour, while a constant drain, shouldn’t tap her out that quick. She needs more Stamina.

    1. Oh, she definitely needs to level up more. But I could see the reason why she has little mana as bad stat investment. I wouldn’t be surprised if the size of one’s mana pool is affected by another stat, like constitution or endurance. She’s a genius for sure so I could see her having a big intellect stat by default and invested more heavily into it than she should have and didn’t invest into the mana pool stat.

      1. It isn’t the *size* of your mana pool that matters; it’s how you use it.

  9. Discovered this comic earlier today, and just finished reading the whole strip. DANG good work! Several pages reminded me fondly of D&D quest disasters of a previous life.

  10. To sustain such a grand glamour, one could ear a few accessories that regenerate mana. A pair of earrings and at least two rings, each giving +1 mana per second and it should easily sustain such a heavy drain πŸ˜›

  11. I keep on wondering whether the young ellith will pounce on the brunette and pester her with |” … erm … Cyprien … teehee … was he any good? … tee hee” questions

  12. Severena doesn’t need magic to look good.

  13. Maybe the escort is just an addict of Eagle’s Splendour potions.

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