Elven 00179 | A New Week

35 thoughts on “Elven 00179 | A New Week

  1. Yeah sure. He’s gonna be so focused now

  2. Now for battle of the bulge.

    1. I see what you did there.

  3. She is going to take the cost out of him in beatings

    1. Whose to say she didn’t put the escort up to it in the first place to get Cypren indebted to her…Personally?!?

      1. as @TMI Fairy noticed, the ‘Escort’ is Ystenna’s PA.

        1. You’re really digging into this theory here in the comments. :p
          You might have overlooked the little fact that the woman who’s job includes doing expense repots might just have reported on the expenses πŸ˜‰

      2. She did, but there will still be beatings. Because that’s how she does trainings.

        And besides, mentally associating paying for the pleasure with pain is useful when training a minion. Make him work hard to play hard, as it were.

    2. That Ysteena could be a Bond villainess with ease. Her current garb is the perfect way to yank Cyprien’s chain AND teach him mental discipline at the same time. Time to sweat, Cyp.

  4. oh yeah…she’s DEFINITELY Flirting shamelessly!

  5. Women supposedly fiddle with their hair when they are thinking about a guy they like. Like pre-hair pulling. I seem to Fail on the ability to notice stuff like that when it occurs to me.

  6. @sunphoenix72 – funny thought, Sohee that got Cyprein before he drank much and what he did have got boiled off in physical activity. I agree, she was definitely targeting him and seeing what type of guy he is, as well as introducing herself.

    1. Or maybe Ysteena knows a disguise spell ?

  7. @Llywenna that’s a disturbing thought. What if it was her that he made out with at that party?

    She seems money hungry enough to work at multiple jobs.

    1. Perhaps more disturbing, she did it to get to Cyprien without anyone else knowing what she’d done. After all, it was her account that got the charges, so you think she paid herself? Can’t make money like that.

      1. It’s the same way Walmart makes money.
        It never leaves the store.

        Then they make other money. I imagine that night she legit had other clients.

    2. I was thinking more that she either ‘tested’ him for Lawful Stupid tendencies or she wanted to go for a ride without him knowing who was driving πŸ˜‰

      1. Lawful Stupid tendencies? Isn’t he a rampaging Champion for Chaotic Neutral? With goodish tendencies? And low IQ? With Little Head thinking?

  8. Cyprien’s toast. There’s no way he can fight that…

  9. Methinks Ysteena is first going to train Cyprien to not get distracted by a pretty girl using herself as the example to teach him the lesson.

  10. Isn’t Sohee the name of the long suffering PA, and not The Escort?
    “Today Cyprien you will learn how to fight with a Nosebleed penalty”.

    1. Yep! Good catch Sohee is Ystenna’s PA! Unless Sohee is a common name, like John. I would say to go from Mousy PA to Club Sex goddess is heels, loosing the glasses(contacts), hair extensions, hair color and style change added to a shift in personality.
      The mousy version is introduced here: https://elven.co.nz/comic/elven-00151/ and you can see Sohee, Ystenna’s and Cyprien’s relative heights here https://elven.co.nz/comic/elven-00158/

      I’m really leaning towards the club version being the default and the mousy version being what Ystenna wants in the office.

      Also did you notice the short skirt in the load out screen? I only did whee I looked from the computer instead of my phone.

      1. Oh, I didn’t mean to imply that Sohee is moonlighting – GIGGLES – as an escort, but that she reported Cyprien’s “expenditure”.
        The escort is a student at the same uni that Cyprien’s female friends are attending.
        So, two different ellith.

        1. Oh, I did notice the Minsikirt of Glamour alongside the Matching Bra&Thong of Agility, as well as the Slip of Swiftness and the Flop-Flops of Fleetness.
          And the Hoola-Hoop of Fat Burning πŸ˜›

  11. More thigh gap. I don’t find it attractive, but I’m probably not the target demographic.

    1. Yup.
      Especially as the lady is a warrior and should have more meat on her.
      I loved the inventory <3

  12. He will be focused all right. Probably not on the training though

  13. I love the idea that Ysteena changes which office she’s at regularly so her squire/s get exercise just by having to make their way from one to the other.

    Time to find out what one-on-one training entails. Last time it was just poor Cyprien getting his arse kicked by a fellow cadet.

    1. Well if you are going to be beaten anyway its probably better if beautiful lady applies the punches. Might be good for Cypriens rep among the cadets, might make them gang up on him out of jealousy 50/50

      1. I can’t help but feel it’s a combo attack on poor Cyprien. Hey, you’re training with a lady in tight sportswear, but its because she doesn’t regard you as enough of a threat to even bother with armor.

  14. I guess she’ll get back at him for what happened at the club. πŸ˜‰

  15. umm *blush* your RSS feed seems to be unwell I realised I hadn’t seen any updates for a while and I looked at the feed page and it says “lastBuildDate” was 29th April, and contains well, nothing much

    1. Check if your feed is using this link -> https://elven.co.nz/comic/feed

  16. I’m glad she’s adjusting her hair, It was looking rather stringy. πŸ™‚

    1. I’m beginning to think that’s just how her hair is naturally, very straight, but prone to being mussed a bit. Kind of an ‘action girl’ look. I wonder if its a part of her persona.

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