Elven 00180 | Training Day

26 thoughts on “Elven 00180 | Training Day

  1. Seems like Cyprien is about to make contact with his M side (that all meatshield tanks really need to do their job well)

    1. as a titan in destiny, jedi guardian in swtor, and a pally/artificer in dnd since 2.0…

      can confirm

  2. Not entirely clear yet whether she is going to hit him or hit on him.

    1. Possibly depends on his final charisma stats.

    2. Why not both?

      1. Most likely both. A domineering personality like Ysteena is probably into S&M.

      2. exactly what I’m hoping for the dude

  3. Judging by Cyprien’s expression, I’d say HE thinks it’s going to be ‘hit’, but judging by hers, I think he’s right.

  4. Did Cyprien get taller when he put on the coat or is getting shorter somehow? She was a head taller than him a moment ago and now he is almost eye to eye.

    Also Severena is going to have her work cut out for her if she doesn’t get in on him soon!

    1. We’ve seen in the past that charisma buff potions have increased height (among many other attributes). +cha templar no longer smol

  5. oh and I guess its a good thing that Cyprien wasn’t able to respec that Charisma point he put in earlier. come to think of it, things stsrted getting better for him soon after that happy accident! Who says charisma is a dump stat!

    1. rule #1 of dnd, bioware, bethesda – charisma check

  6. Fantastic strip!
    I loved how Cyprien was verbally destroyed by Ysteena! Boring! Subpar looks! lolololol <3
    And the list of CHA based benefits left me tittering 😛

  7. Is the caption “loud as fuck” near Dana’s … shorts placed there by accident or design?

  8. Surprising amount of sense she’s making! Turns out she’s not all about abuse, corruption and funding hookers. Huh.

  9. Oh heck he’s going Kirito on us with that new look…

  10. Now he just needs the boots of protecc, leggings of protecc, gloves of protecc and helm of protecc…. perhaps throw in a shield of protecc. Any chance of a sword of protecc?

    1. She-Ra rolled a 99 Need on the sword of protecc, I’m afraid.

  11. Does he still have that glowing sword the roach dropped earlier in the comic? A flashy sword could boost his charisma a bit.

  12. Meh. 5e stuff.

  13. Not sure if she’s about to smash him or smash him and judging by the look in her eye I think she hasn’t 100% decided yet herself. I’ll say this much though, it may be (largely) out of self interest, but she is definitely working hard to make him a better templar. If he survives her training that is.

    1. That which does not kill us…

      1. Made a reeeaaalllyy bad mistake 😉

  14. OK – so now he has to satisfy the raven haired hottie from the club, Sev and (probably) Ysteena.
    I predict that he will either die from Snu-Snu or be fireballed to a crisp by a jealous Dana in a few weeks…

    1. Don’t forget Kauthris might want to do a little ‘hands on healing’ too

  15. Ysteena speaks frankly. Nobody has to be confused after listening to her. 😉

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