Elven 00181 | Training Day

Hey all! Have been in and out of hospital over the past couple of weeks and decided I need a little break. Elven will be on a short hiatus. Don't worry, it won't be 8 years like the last hiatus. See you all when I get back!

34 thoughts on “Elven 00181 | Training Day

  1. The best type of Tank is one that does not have to be the parties tank😁😉

    1. So the best type of tank is a top tier DPS moonlighting as a tank?

    2. The best kind of tank is one that comes with a great big GUN 🙂

      1. Like an M1 Abrams?

  2. Is this where she tells him that potions of bull strength stunt your growth in multiple directions?

  3. I forgot to add… he is the type of tank that flails ineffectually and then reflects killing blow damage atbhis enemys.

  4. Invincible Overlord

    Get Well Soon!!!

  5. the best kind of tank: Main Battle Tank

  6. Yerin sounds kinda like Darkness from Konosuba, but with a reflection attack

    1. LOL, you beat me to it!

  7. Hope you get well soon!

    As for the comic: Cyprien will inevitably specialize in “meat shield” tanking. He’s already a natural at it. And Yerin’s, uh, armor, has some interesting design choices.

    1. Well if she reflects damage then anything that makes her take less damage would hurt her dps and therefore make the fight last longer, possibly leading to wipe. So its kinda logical, also it uhmm helps her charisma stat I guess…

    2. Her opponents get caught up in looking and don’t see what’s coming in from the sides. It only takes a moment’s distraction, and her apparent lack of armor would cause overconfidence. The more I think of it, the better she looks as a tank.

  8. Keep him on a steady diet of sauerkraut and beans and he can be a gas tank 🙂

    1. add in some pickled eggs and heavy beer and he’d be lethal!

      1. Why am I suddenly reminded of Kevin Bloody Wilson’s “Mick the Master Farter”? ^^”

  9. Since pain-pleasure are on the same continuum, you have to wonder about a party with both Sora and Yerin.

  10. Take care of yourself. And ask Ysteena for a massage, her hands look to be nice and warm where she’s got them.

  11. So to put it more plainly:
    Option 1) Block incoming dmg and/or heal through it
    Option 2) Ignore incoming dmg and have the hp to do so
    Option 3) Be where incoming dmg is not
    Option 4) Welcome incoming dmg with open arms and share it with those who gave it to you
    Given his special ability, options 2 and 4 would be great fits, though most of his training so far kinda focuses on option 1. So my prediction is 3, as the odd one out. ;P

  12. Get well soon, that’s more important than any comic.
    (I know NZ has good doctors – I had to consult one during one of my two trips there. 🙂

  13. Ceridan is right out – too low INT
    Elena – Chaotic
    Yerin – a boring personality precludes this
    Sora – This Is It! – but with more armour to hide his subpar looks

  14. Yerin looks like she’d be the most fun at the afterparties.
    Good call, and take care of yourself, Mate. After all, you’re the only you you’ve got.

  15. Damage solves.

  16. She’s obviously a tank top. Or maybe crop top.

  17. Cyprien… DO. THEM. ALL!

    1. ‘Snort’ Especially DO Ysteena… !

  18. It’s perceptive of Cyprien to cut right to the chase like that. Was that the whole point of this lineup? Are these then the tanks Cyprien will be specifically trained to outperform? If that’s the plan, I gotta hand it to Ysteena for getting right down to business.

  19. Dead, Dieing or on life support?

    1. Posted on 2022-05-28 by MateKiddleton

      Hey all! Have been in and out of hospital over the past couple of weeks and decided I need a little break. Elven will be on a short hiatus. Don’t worry, it won’t be 8 years like the last hiatus. See you all when I get back!

  20. Are you ok?

    1. Yep, all good!

      1. I was just going to ask the same thing. In this world we now live in so much happens that we just never know anymore.

        1. Much, much more happened years ago it just didn’t get spread across the internet at the speed of rumour to make people think one in a million things are everyday occurances to everyone.

      2. Invincible Overlord

        You could reply with a new comic 🙂


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