Elven 00182 | Training Day

An update before the masses get too restless. I still can't commit to a regular schedule just yet, but I'll put up new comics whenever I can.

12 thoughts on “Elven 00182 | Training Day

  1. Welcome back, even if it’s only for a little while, don’t do too much too fast, we can wait.
    So she has speed and hits hard, no wonder she heeds heavy armour, can’t have all three at once 🙂

  2. Yay, welcome back (although i think Cyprian might be cursing your return) Ouch!

  3. Regular is for old people’s bowel movements. Keep up the random postings.

  4. Nice one – good to have you back!
    I guess Ysteena hasn’t forgiven him for spending her money on “entertainment” after all.

  5. Thanks for the update! Take your time and get a lot of rest 🙂

  6. Glad to see you back! (first time commenter)
    She certainly lives up to the hype!

  7. David Carl Argall

    Actually, she may already be taking it easy on him. A championship level boxer should not require anything like 5 minutes to drop a “talented” amateur. She may well consider his “performance” as disappointing,

    1. Nailed it…

  8. So… Improved Initiative, Fleet, Power Attack, Furious Focus… gah if she’s 10th level she’s HARDLY used any of her nastiness! A Fighter well depends on if your comparing a Pathfinder Fighter to a 3.0-3.5 DnD build gets reduced armor check penalty AND increased Max Dex bonus in armor. Yeah, you bet she’ll clean his clock… {probably in bed too. ‘snicker’}

  9. Daaaang! Yo, Cyp. That looked painful, man, but hey, better you than me, right? I’ll be right over here, rootin’ for ya’. Jeez, homey got his a** handed to him back there, but da sister is smokin’ hot. I could watch her work all day.

  10. Jesting aside, that was probably not as unreasonable a demonstration as one might think, especially in a realm where magic and mayhem are a common occurrence. Cyp knows where the bar is now, and more importantly, that it’s attainable. Knowing Cyprien’s tenacity, he’ll get there, even if it hurts, which it surely will. I think that’s the potential Ysteena sees in him. Bet she didn’t get to her level over night either. Like knows like, I’m thinkin’.

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