Elven 00183 | Training Day

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  1. no words??

    1. Fixed. You might need to clear browser cache

  2. She really does like him. I think he can agree to not getting beat up every day for the next ten years.

    1. @megados,
      That reminds me. The show Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain literally did have the main beat up by his master for years. Ditto for Peerless Dad. I think this sort of training must work for raising defense.

      As a side-note, I think I’ve played a couple of games where I quit because pay-to-win was simply too large a factor.

  3. He might actually be ok with being beat up by her repeatedly for the next 10 years

    1. Bad attention is still attention. Any she has such lovely eyes. =)

      1. Eyes, Yes. Was definitely looking at her eyes.

    2. I would… does that make me a sexist pig?

  4. Off topic: Glad to see that you’re feeling better! I do love the comic, but it’s even better to notice that you’re heathy enough to start doing it regularly again!

  5. Oh, so this is a P2W webcomic, huh? Poor characters falling behind, only the whales remaining?

    1. Yeah, I don’t like this development either … Pay to Win is an unfortunate trend in real-world gaming:
      Those who don’t have the time to play still get ahead of those who put the effort and grind in.
      Some commentary along these lines would be appreciated in future, and best of luck making it funny.

    2. Just because a real-world gaming construct is mentioned, it doesn’t mean that the *comic* is P2W. Just my 2¢, and your change will be sent to you via the Internet Points™ system.

  6. yay!

  7. Listen to Sohee, Cyprien, for she knows her boss best.

  8. Back in the days when I was a young gamer (on a 286) you didn’t need to buy no crappy XP-Passes.
    Real men (or naughty cheater kids like me) used a hex editor.
    Great comic – I am always looking forward to every new episode of the world funniest elves.

  9. Pay to win gives you some nice toys, but if you don’t know how to use the toys efficiently they remain toys. I apprecially prefer the type of pay where you pay for a perk not necessarily a game-changing win condition.

  10. What a rip off. She casts lay on hands and didn’t even touch him

    1. Not where he wanted her to anyway 😉

  11. I already paid for a game once and it isn’t any cheaper on the shelves than the others, which it should be if you have to pay extra to actually play it and the ‘free’ ones online cost the most in the end.
    The extra fee to play WoW was enough to make me stop playing it. Not that I didn’t have the money, but I’d already paid for the game, and the expansions, it was good but not that good, especially when you had to put with continual PvP even on RP servers and every second player, including most of the ‘female’ ones, trying to RP nothing but sex, it was just too much.
    Selling ‘extras’ is one thing but when you pretty much have to keep paying every time you play, it gets old fast.

  12. How can the others keep up? I can imagine someone who might pay for Tarin to get a pass, if she can’t steal one herself. I can’t imagine anyone who’d be fool enough to buy one for Dana, and Kauthris … well … nobody on this planet!

    1. I could be wrong, but it appears to me that Ysteena is really only interested in Cyprien.

      1. I dunno about that. It could be assumed that Ysteena’s interest/attention on Cyp is because he’s the only guy in the group, but my gut tells me she’s much too savvy and results-driven for that. My perception is that Cyprien is behind the others in development. The others have repeatedly demonstrated at least average competence in their various fields of study/expertise. Cyprien exhibited a bright flash of hidden ability during the climax of the quest, but overall he’s been something of a straggler. He’s staunch and courageous as all get-out, but he still needs more punch and speed. Looks to me like Ysteena’s fast-tracking him to catch him up. Sohee’s comment is revealing too. I don’t think Ysteena is one to waste resources. Lavish, yes, waste, no. I think she sees a potential world-beater in Cyprien, and that would be a win-win for herself and her guild.

        1. I kind of think she’s focused on Cyprien because he’s a figher type like she is.
          The only real problem with handing out free hitpoints and feats is that the experience of gaining them and the resulting knowledge of how to use them doesn’t come with the package.
          Handing Dana a ‘super-mega-ultra’ fireball spell would border on irresponsible given her tenuous grasp of how to use what she has now…it has my vote 🙂
          Kauthris on the other hand, there’s no such thing as too good of a healer, as long as they’re on your side.
          Tarin with a huge power boost makes me shiver and squee at the same time, it’s so scary it’s funny.

  13. I agree with David. Remember he went up to like level 7 after that Quest. He was only level 2 going into it. He hadn’t been at the order very long otherwise he would have built up more experience. They’re all really fresh in their careers and surviving that Quest was a huge windfall for them but they are all sublevel 10 which is normally required join a guild. Their tank needs to be able to do more than Meat Shield if the rest of them are going to live long enough to expand their capabilities.

  14. XP pass might not be strictly “pay for XP”. It could mean entry to a dungeon that has good yield or monsters that are especially good for practice or even practice sessions with somebody who is a dedicated teacher. Either way Cyprien isnt just a guy now, he is like idol or pro athlete in the making, the more Ysteena invests in him the more her return will be and the faster it will come. And anyway I am looking forward to Cyprien getting more badass, its going to be fun…

  15. Appears comic is in hiatus again.
    I actually liked it better in strip form but I guess artist is selling art to make money.

    1. Ohhhh, I don’t think I’m at all qualified to tell the artist how or when to make their comic.


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