Elven 00184 | Training Day

Sorry for the long wait! Here's your monthly dose of Elven.

31 thoughts on “Elven 00184 | Training Day

  1. And a mana potion addiction as a flaw……legs…….she’s perfect.

  2. Love the sockies, they’re my favourite πŸ™‚ except it’s going to be heavy wool sock season pretty soon πŸ™

    1. Is that a nice way of saying that Winter Is Coming?

      Wool Sock Season Is Approaching.
      (GOT Music Plays)

      1. tis’ the season for flannel nightgowns, big wolly socks and thousand dollar a month heating bills because politicians don’t buy their own oil, we do.

        Flannels and wool socks and oil bills oh my
        Flannels and wool socks and oil bills oh MY !!

        1. *sigh* I hadn’t checked the oil prices this year, make that two thousand dollar a month heating bills πŸ™

        2. 2K/mo? That’s horrible! πŸ™

  3. Hmph! She’s not wrong, but at the same time… Nope, still not wrong.

    1. True, but annoying nonetheless. Poor Cyprien.

      1. Actually, I would say Dana is partially wrong. A lazy dps gets the group killed. She’s right that you need to work smarter but she’s not really doing that. I wouldn’t be surprised if later on the group runs into a creature that has minor magic resistances that wouldn’t be a problem for higher level magic users but since Dana is being a lazy dps, it’ll just shrug off her magic attacks.

  4. “Monthly” dose? Is that how the strip will be presented from now on?

    1. I hear ya, but, it’s a free comic.
      Be glad it’s still going.
      Two of my other favs aren’t.
      Least I know that the one is because author of Daughter of Lillies got a paying gig, so, good happy for her, tho it means no updates ;(

      1. I just like to know where I stand. I was reading Alice in Mobland when it started. I made note to the author of the haphazardness of some of these strips. Then it went away almost immediately. It was gone like 21 months. Now it has come back for about 3 episodes, and it is gone again. Yes, it’s free. It is still incredibly frustrating!

        1. @Joe Fonebone, Yes, it can be frustrating, but you have to realize the author has real-life issues which are more frustrating, making it difficult to keep to a more desirable schedule.

        2. She seems to be adding a new strip every month or two, so I keep checking almost every weekend, and every third to eighth check, I win! Other comics I follow seem to not update for years, so I only check on those every couple of months. A few send out an email on Patreon when there is a new strip, which is good for the ones that appear at long, irregular intervals, and just annoying for the ones that come out twice a week.

          Hey, click the ko-fi link, and start sending $2,000 for each strip, and you can probably persuade her to return to a weekly schedule! πŸ™‚

      2. Make sure to check her discord.

        1. I’d like to, if I could find the link.

      3. Her paying job apparently decided it gets to say what she can and can’t post online as if it owns everything she’s ever done…she has a new one out in a different genre to get around that for now, it’s nicely done but not the same as DotL πŸ™

        1. That sounds like some seriously shitty employers, if she isn’t even allowed to work on her own IP

  5. Neither one of them is wrong. Each has a different perspective.

  6. Oh just kiss already! lmfao

    1. Hmm. Cyprien could use a good smooching (great stress reliever, you know), and there’s Dana sitting there all smug and primping. Yup, sounds like a plan. And hey, if she smacks him upside the head for his trouble, well, he’s gotta be getting used to that my now, am I right?

      1. if she smacks him upside the head for his trouble, he may also get an XP bump, so, win-win!

    2. Yeah, Why is Cyrien not picking up on the subtle ques she’s looking for a complement on her appearance??? Why is he Not flirting with her back?!?
      KISS HER you fool!

      1. Cyprien isn’t picking up the subtle cues she’s dropping, most likely because they’re SUBTLE. I’ve seen guys pick up on OBVIOUS cues, and then get charged with sexual assault and lose their careers and go to prison. The modern dating scene would make me become a monk if I was a rising star. That, or only look at traditional girls. Maybe cougars. πŸ™‚

      2. 1 – because boys are DUMB
        2 – what Rallen wrote

  7. Is this normal behavior for young adult elves?

  8. My lord, her head is as big as her torso, lol.

    1. Well, she did just get through saying how smart and good looking she was…not that that would give her a swelled head or anything πŸ˜‰

  9. I’ve never been good with subtle, but the last woman to be obvious did it in a situation where I was a vendor working on a project she was partially responsible for. She ghosted when I asked her out after leaving the project. like wtf.

  10. β€œWork smarter, not harder” is the wisest expression I’ve heard Dana say! 😊

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