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Hello! Been a bit of a mad couple of weeks with one person at work managing to infect the entire office with COVID in one afternoon. Managed to get a lot of sleep though. Apart from narcolepsy and a sore throat for the first day, no other symptoms apart from an annoyingly persistent dry cough. Oh and some muppet broke into my car, and tried to steal it by ripping out the ignition column. Hope everyone else has been having a better time!

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  1. Ugh, hope you get well soon 🙁

  2. Welcome back. Hope you feel better. COVID sucks.

  3. Aww shite, you’re having one of MY weeks. Stop that this instant!
    I mean really sorry to hear! I’ve done the COVID thing, even vaxxed and boosted, but still no fun.
    Hope your car doesn’t cost too much/ insurance covers it. That sux.

  4. If this going by D&D 5E rules, Aid increases Max HP by +5 for 8 hours and immediately heals 5 HP ❤️‍🩹

  5. KYAAA! Blondie so kawaii! SQUEE!!!11

  6. I ship them so friggin hard…
    Harsh week, but at least you didnt end up in hospital or lost the car, however this means you are now scheduled some extra good things in your life. (This is my point of view and I wont be persuaded otherwise!)

    1. Right! Last year I had Covid twice, kidney stone, triple bypass, and my boss punished me and a buddy for office politics reasons (not anything we did) and fired me for not going along with it. Cool. I moved back to my home state and family, got a new job with some really nice people, I’m around my kids/grandkids/family, and living in the family home (4K square feet in the countryside). Wasn’t always fun, but the end result is worthwhile.

  7. Had a “Sucks to be You” period, Huh? Been there, done that, didn’t like it. Hope is comes out well.

  8. An after hours doctor who has hopefully found her mask… Although you might wish you’d let the parents worry after she smashes a bottle of healing potion over your head.

    1. My sympathies on the rough go you’ve been having lately. Hopefully, things smooth out considerably going forward.
      Yes, Kauthris can be a little ‘arcane’ in her methodologies, but she does get results. My gut tells me this kiddo is another victim of the self-appointed hoy-paloy there at the school. I’m sensing a potential build-up to an epic smack-down. Gonna be supremely so if the whole team gets in on it. KRA-KA-BOOM and all that.

      1. My bad. Same kid as before, looks like. So, Tarin, fancy a padewan?

  9. Que song “Life in the fast lane”

    1. guess the down vote did not understand the reference to call “the doctors coming but you got to pay cash”

  10. Take care! don’t forget to check your sense of smell! i never noticed mine was gone until one day i was cooking and family said ‘that smells good’ i think its 100% back i dunno. its one of those things ya just don’t 100% notice when you have it until its gone, and when its ‘back’ you don’t know how much is back!

  11. Keeping track of which is which is not my strongest point, but yeah, this does like a repeat appearance of our mugee. Got the idea about as soon as I saw it, but I still had to scroll back to check, and I still won’t go to court to make that identification. But I will play defense attorney and point out we have little real evidence at this time, and authors can be known for wanting to keep the readers guessing.

  12. Ohh Tarin is a princess in shining armour!

    1. With rather more street smarts than Utena.

  13. Bad luck blues are the pits. May karma royally screw over those who affected your life so rudely. As for our injured young one, she does seem to need to get in with a dangerous for others group to protect herself and develop her own abilities.

  14. Get well soon, MK. Happy holidays!

  15. Have a safe Happy New Year everyone!

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