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Happy new year! Hope everyone has a better year than the last one! Is this the year all of the games on my Steam wishlist leave early access or 'coming soon'? Probably not.

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  1. You can tell they’re the moderately good guys because they _first_ healed, _then_ demanded payment 😛

    1. or they’re extra bad. He was given no chance to refuse, now he MUST pay.

    2. It’s just good business: Now he’s in good enough shape to earn the money if he doesn’t have it on him.

    3. And she didn’t even demand he convert before the healing. 🙂

  2. I hope he gets to pay in fingered bullies. Those are priceless.

  3. That straw….
    (So cute…)
    Are we sure this kid is male? He’s adorable.

    1. It is traditional to draw male elves in a rather female manner. Of course, that same tradition often has female elves drawn in a very female manner, so our victim here is highly likely to be male, tho that does not rule out characters assuming he is female, nor him turning out to be female.

      1. Oh yeah, I know. TV Tropes has a name for this.
        It doesn’t stop our guy from being adorable.
        I like how she suggests the kid is being abused in that language.

      2. I’m pretty sure this is the same one the bullies were beating in the bathroom before Tarin stepped in, they said ‘him’ then so it was probably accurate ?

    2. Trust me, it’s also hard to drink through a straw after a punch in the mouth.
      Whether or not it was completely accidental (it was) is irrelevant, it still hurts to drink anything.

      1. This is true. Your lip gets swollen, so you can’t make it the right shape, and it hurts. So you move the straw to a different spot, and your lip can’t make a different right shape, so it leaks. And, oh yeah, it also hurts.

  4. “On second thought I’ll pay the doctor and take the payment out of your bullies asses!” Tarin

  5. @JSStryker doubtful. She will follow up because their behavior is a direct affront to her, and by proxy, the school’s authority. Directly flaunting it in fact. She could have done that and left him in the street though. I do not expect her to make a frontal assault on them. Tarin is a total rogue and I expect her to stalk her prey to their lair, leaving contraband on, or some well placed daggers in their persons.

    It’s hard to say you fell down stairs when there’s no stairs nearby you. He wasn’t in condition to crawl far.

    1. Flouting, not flaunting. To flaunt is to shamelessly display something. To flout is to mock, scoff at or openly disregard law or authority.

  6. And this is why public healthcare is a Good Thing.

    1. That way he could be perpetually broke from continually paying massive taxes for it and not be able to afford the prescribed healing potion when he eventually needed it.

      1. Unless, of course, he also paid premiums to a gov’t or private healthcare plan to cover part of the costs of that prescription and everything else that isn’t covered. Like dental, eyecare, physiotherapy, etc. etc. etc.

      2. Downvote all you want, I live with it, and pay for it. If you had to pay over 40% in income taxes plus another 15% sales tax on everything you buy in order to wait in line for years (unless you’re politically connected) for ‘health services’ that are done in weeks other places, assuming you’re ‘approved’ for treatment and your potentially terminal condition isn’t considered ‘elective’ you might think differently.
        But maybe not for much longer, the gov’t is pushing ‘medical assistance in dying’ every time you get sick now because apparently sick people cost the system money and that’s needed for the layers of bureaucrats ‘managing’ the system…one that politicians don’t use, they push past the military personnel in their hospitals or go out of country and bill us for their treatment there. Go the hospital and they ask if you want them to kill you…there’s your ‘public healthcare’ in a nutshell.

  7. I was very much looking forward to this installment, now even more so for the next. I’m sure the grrls will figure out some kind of payment plan for the kid. I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens to the bullies. Hate bullies. Or…is the kid setting up….

  8. Parents are gonna find out when they catch him smashing his piggy bank.

    1. Yup. Emptying piggy bank and handing over contents to OLDER GIRL IN NAUGHTY MASKED NURSE outfit.
      Not suspicious at all …

  9. Calling it now.. the plot twist is he had them rough him up to get closer to her for whatever reason..

  10. Of course, if he’d fessed up who did it, he might not have had to pay.

  11. Y’know, I’d pay real money to get a peek under Kauthris’ …. Mask, yeah her mask.

  12. Still shipping Tarin and blue eyed cutie pie. HARD.

  13. @Lisekmaly he is totally crushing on Tarin, but I just don’t see Tarin wanting to date a puppydog like this kid, even if she likes guys sexually beyond wands of vibrating.

    1. Cutie pie might have loaded parents for all we know. That alone would be a big “oh yes” for Tarin. There are other ways but I dont want to jinx it. And hey, I guessed right that my boy Cyprien is actually a badass so Im hopeful here too.

  14. Well it’s known that Kauthris wears thongs, from when Tarin was cleaning up her room the day after the crew went to the club

  15. maybe Kauthris is a svartling.

    1. This is assumed by a lot of us. In fact, the main argument for her not being a svartling is that a lot of authors like to fool us readers, and have even been known to change the plot because someone guessed their deep secret reveal. Now whether she is a spy, only good member of an evil race, got caught at something and is running for her life… is a lot less clear.

  16. I’m hoping MK is alright!

    1. I am ok! 🙂

      1. Good to hear, me too…maybe.
        All together now…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rmPckNvD3E

      2. Now I’ve seen everything. Who would downvote that someone is OK?! SMH

  17. MK may be alright, but this strip is comatose.

    1. Give them time, real life tends to have a nasty way of asserting itself.

      1. Put another way, life sometimes gets in the way of living.

  18. Thanks for posting your work here, really appreciate the free entertainment you’ve given me.

  19. Update??? Been a while.

  20. Yes please, we’d really appreciate an update…

    1. Progress is slow, have a lot going on at the moment. Have a kid now as well, I haven’t slept in months. 0/10 do not recommend.

      1. The great thing about art is how it never complains when you put it aside to have more time with your children. But children tend to get loud if you put them aside to have more time with your art. It gets easier as they get older. As a fan hopefully you won’t wait 20 years before picking this project up again. But as a father I did wait until my kids were old enough to drive before I started working on a painting again. Thanks for all the great characters and art.

      2. Family first!
        Never regret having kids. Love is awesome 🙂 Life is awesome 🙂

      3. Some of us are already used to you taking years off, so no stress.
        That being said, given the over a decade-long now mostly one-sided relationship, I’m willing to babysit so you can sleep and make time to put Flur on Github or Newgrounds… sorry so you can continue working on Elven. Although Flur was a source of inner peace for many years.

        Anyway… best of luck with the poop/puke factory, they do generally turn out to be good long-term investments even if you don’t put them to work on the field. So stay strong, diamond hands and all that.

        1. Ok, i feel stupid for not doing a search for Flur recently, granted, may bookmark was for elven when it was on WordPress forever ago. All the very best.

  21. A web comic about being stuck on the same page for months. Like, seriously??

    1. A cretin who gets free stuff and then criticizes the giver for not making more? Like, seriously?

      1. To pass the time I just keep hitting it up (voting) on TWC 🙂

  22. Times are tough and with the added responsibility, things can get tight. Hang in there and just let us know! Maybe throw up a 4th wall break comic with some info?

  23. Kate, no matter what be there for your kids. It doesn’t take superpowers, jusy being there. They will think you have superpowers anyway.

  24. I find it fascinating that, when a free comic goes on hiatus, the balance of comment on the hiatus tends lean toward demands for more or spewing bile because the author/artist has the audacity to put their real life before the imaginary creatures they created to give us entertainment for free. I have never understood that entitlement.
    I personally hope that Kate takes the time she needs to get her life where it needs to be so she can back to us with more adventures in this excellent world she’s created. I have waited far longer with less hope of more content.
    I’ll be here when you get back, Kate. Enjoy your family.

    1. I love this comic and eagerly await more of it, but fully understand the need for a delay as the author gets her life together – I have three kids and have spent many years not being able to do many things. It does get a bit easier as they grow up though. Sometimes…. Does anyone know if there is any fanfic of these guys – I would definitely read the hell out of that!

  25. I think your rss feed is stuck. I’ve been missing updates for an embarrassingly long time.

    1. When I was a dad to a newborn, I had very little time for sleep for the first six months or longer, much less for working on hobbies. I wouldn’t expect the comic to return to anything like a regular schedule before the baby establishes a regular nap schedule. Even then, I’m sure there will be a thousand higher-priority things that she’s had to put off.


  27. You have a kid? Woohoo. Take care of life and then return to us. We’ll be here waiting for you. Request you keep us posted on your status. Take care and be well.

  28. Sigh, another dead comic i’ll add to the list i guess..

    1. I’d go along with Belfry’s assessment that a comic isn’t Inactive until 6 months have elapsed, and we’re not quite there yet.

  29. Bird Doctor isn’t cheep, I mean cheap. 😉

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